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Stress-Free Holiday Tips

As excitement for the holiday season continues to grow, it’s important to establish a game plan so you can make this year’s festivities as stress-free as possible. With all of the decorations, gift-giving, dinner parties, traveling and family gatherings, it can be easy to get caught up in the chaos and exhaustion. It’s a hectic time of year, and it’s often tempting to throw in the towel on healthy habits until the New Year. 

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Healthy Kitchen: Gingerbread Cookie Oatmeal

During the winter months, I find myself craving the comfort food and sweet treats I grew up with. Among my favorites - a chewy on the inside, crisp along the edges, deliciously fragrant specialty full of cinnamon and clove and molasses...

These days I not only look for great taste in my baking but also healthful ingredients. With a little creative muscle, I have transformed my childhood favorites into satisfying and flavorful creations.

Enter, oatmeal - with a gingerbread twist! Other than being a nostalgic treat that takes me right back to sitting on the kitchen counter sampling my mother's delicious holiday gingersnaps, I like this particular oatmeal cookie for its ability to keep me full and to satisfy a hankering for something sweet. Best of all? I love it because it’s absolutely LOADED with nutrients!


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Healthy Kitchen: Holiday Dinner

Hosting company this holiday season?  Need a quick dinner idea with accompanying recipes?  This time of year is often filled with love, gratitude and giving – but it can also quickly bring on unnecessary stress with planning for guests and perhaps even watching your waistline.  

Let us take some of that stress off your plate by offering to do some planning for you with our Healthy Way of Eating holiday dinner below!

Each recipe will win you over with its flavor, easy prep time and ample nutrition. And it won’t  divert you from your weight loss objectives! Let yourself focus on the things that are really important this season – family, friends and love.  Hope you enjoy!

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Healthy Kitchen: Chocolate Peppermint Shake

What is it about this time of year that makes us crave peppermint everything? Food companies and coffee shops are onto this, pumping out tasty (and not so healthy) treats in every peppermint variety.

But don’t let those commercial concoctions sabotage your health goals. Get your fix with this tasty recipe below!

This recipe uses our signature Chocolate VeganMax Protein powder – one of my all-time favorite powders because it is both allergen-free and made from plant proteins.



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Top 10 Holiday Health Strategies

When clients share what events or seasons tend to trip them up, most inevitably mention the holidays.

As fun as the festivities are, the jumbled schedules, bigger to-do lists and constant eating-focused events are a lot to contend with.

Whether it’s the slew of parties, the ever present sweets in the break room or the less than healthy family/social dinners, it can be a challenge to keep up the same eating and workout plan (and maybe even sleep schedule!).

How can you enjoy the holidays - and stay on track health-wise? Check out these top ten strategies for making the most of the holiday season with health goals intact. 

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Your 12-Point Winter Health Primer 

When you consider the span of fall and winter holidays, that's two full months - a sixth of the full calendar year. Add to this time frame the challenges of post-holiday winter months when it's all too easy to enter semi-hibernation mode.

Added together, suddenly we find ourselves able to justify poor eating, erratic sleep and little exercise for nearly half the year!

It's little wonder we feel rushed and overwhelmed by the march to "swimsuit season" come spring. 

That said, this time of year admittedly offers its unique challenges. The holidays inevitably add errands, travel and indulgences to life while the cold weather can leave us struggling to maintain the same fitness and exercise schedule that worked fine last summer. How do we re-tune that routine to fit our needs during winter? Check out these twelve ideas that can help you revamp your health efforts this season.


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10 Healthy Gifts to Give Yourself Post-Holiday

When all the gifts are unwrapped, the dinner is done and you're beginning to look toward the New Year, think about one more present you need to give--the one to yourself! With the winding down of the holiday season, it's a good time to imagine what commitments, tools and supports might help you ring in a happy and healthy New Year. Consider what you'd like to accomplish and also what you need to de-stress from the busy holiday weeks. Below are my ten suggestions for healthy gift ideas I highly recommend to my clients (and myself!) post holiday.

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