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The Insidious Story of Inflammation: What It Is and Why It Matters

Inflammation - it’s a technical process but not a complicated story.

In short, a long time ago our bodies evolved the incredible ability to respond to injury and infection through a rather ingenious process of self-repair.

What a lucky development, huh? But wait! Now we see inflammation all over health news with the media equivalent of emergency sirens blaring and public health officials’ urgent calls to action.

What gives? How did something so necessary to human survival become public enemy #1?

Are we really talking about the same bodily process? Is the media just inflaming the inflammation headlines?

In short, yes and no, respectively. Let’s back up a bit, however, and look at how A becomes B - how healthy inflammation becomes unhealthy inflammation - and what it all has to do with you

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What about Salt?

For years we've been told that high salt intake leads to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Lately, however, new research has muddied the water a bit with more nuanced findings around the impact of sodium on overall health, particularly in certain populations. Do we really need to cut out as much salt as possible? Should we simply throw out our salt shakers altogether? Is it really a question of "how low can you go," or do we need to maintain a certain level? Is sodium simply a flavoring, or does the body have a legitimate use for it? Read on to learn more about the role sodium plays in our functioning, and what considerations should influence how salt fits into our Healthy Way of Eating plan.


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Heading off Hypertension

According to recent research, the occurrence of high blood pressure has been trending down a little, even with the growing rates of overweight and obesity. While this is a positive sign for a major health risk factor, it’s likely this is more a result of drug therapies than it is positive lifestyle choices. After all, Americans’ growing waistlines would suggest we’re not getting healthier.

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