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7 Unconventional Strategies for Weight Loss Success

We’re often tempted to treat weight loss like a simple formula-based endeavor.

When we do this, cut out that, add this, and reduce that, success is inevitable - right?

In the world of human foibles and personalities, however, the picture is a little more complicated. It’s why motivation matters, why mindset matters, why the odd and unusual, shot-in-the-dark strategy can sometimes be the linchpin for a whole process.

Over the years, I’ve coached many clients who were diligent and intelligent, who showed up and gave their full effort, but some small aspect of their mindset or lifestyle became a hangup. Something - sometimes an element not even related to their health - was holding them back. The answer? We got creative, and they enjoyed the full measure of their success.

Think for a moment about the personal practices and offbeat advice that have had the most impact on you, and check out these ten unconventional ideas that may boost your weight loss momentum.


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5 Lifestyle Factors That Keep You Fat

Now that I have your attention... No, it’s not the kind of title you’re used to seeing on our blog. (Let me get to that point in a minute actually.) As a weight loss division, we talk (and write) a lot about what it takes to lose fat. We very much want you and every one of our clients to succeed in that enterprise. In the midst of all the nutrition and fitness education, however, we as dietitians, trainers and weight loss coaches often find ourselves seeing interesting “lifestyle” themes in our clients’ stories that appear to play a significant role in their weight related journeys. They’re the practices, inclinations and assumptions that figure into the first part of any success story. What got us here? What happened along the road of life that led us to gain weight we never wanted? What did we somehow (often unconsciously) learn to accept in our lives that gradually eroded our health and wellbeing? Next, of course, in any success story comes the reckoning – and the resulting turn around. What shook us awake? What recognitions opened us to see our lifestyles in a new way and helped us become willing to embrace new changes and attitudes? What did we learn to revise in our lifestyles that allowed us to lose the weight and gain a more energetic, healthier life?


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Life Time Weight Loss Getting Started Guide

If you've spent any length of time reading the blog posts on this site, you've noticed we're not fans of the conventional advice given to people about how to manage their weight. Eat less, exercise more, eat more whole grains, avoid saturated fat, eat more fruit even if it's in the form of fruit juice - these are all common recommendations made for people trying to manage their weight and improve their health. In reality, these recommendations seem to be serving food companies bottom lines more than the bottoms of those who follow the recommendations. 

Nutrition certainly plays a key role in health and weight management, but the nutrition advice we've been given since the first version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans on January 14, 1977 is probably not the kind of advice we should have been following for the past 36 years. In addition, our focus on the calorie balance equation has taken peoples' eyes of other important components to a long-lasting weight management program.

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What Makes A Great Support Group?

The New Year has officially started along with the thousands of “get-healthy” resolutions made by motivated individuals.  And for many of these individuals, a weight-loss inspired support group will serve as their most important tool to keep them motivated and on track towards their goal.  But with so many options and programs out there, what really makes a great support group when it comes to weight loss?  Read on below to learn our take on this popular weight loss solution and be sure to check out the Life Time Weight Loss Support Group at your nearest club!

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8 Relationships You Can Build To Help You Lose Weight

We all have moments of rationalizing why we aren’t at the gym.  The alarm goes off, it’s dark outside, and you think to yourself “I just cannot get up now, but I will go to the gym after work.”  Or the moment while you sit in traffic after work and you think to yourself “I have had a long day and all I want to do is sit on the couch in my pajamas, watch TV, and drink a glass of wine.”  Or for those who work out of a home office the moment when you think “I just do not have time to leave work to go to the gym today. I will go tomorrow.”  I am sure that all of us have had one of these moments at some point.  So what is going to help you overcome these thoughts and get you to the gym on the path to accomplishing your goals? It certainly is not the appeal of logging some miles alone on a treadmill.


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The Futility of Low-Calorie Diets

Two weeks ago, we reviewed 14 Ways to Get Fatter. Most people aren’t looking to actually gain body fat, but it can sometimes be more powerful to see what you are doing to yourself and the impact it can have, rather than talk about the things you should do to reverse it. There’s another reason I wanted to get that article out, though. It was to help you understand there are more reasons people gain body fat than gluttony and sloth. Conventional wisdom today still suggests people get fat because they eat too much or they are lazy, but research does not support that point of view.


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Why Meal Plans Don't Work

Written by Anika DeCoster, RD, CPT, CISSN - Assistant Program Manager - LifeTime WeightLoss

“Can’t you just write me a meal plan?”  As the saying goes, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this during a nutrition consultation I’d be a rich, rich dietitian!  But I’d also be a guilty and not-so-helpful one if I had given in to making those meal plans.  How so?  For most people, meal plans don’t work, and if I’m trying to help someone reach long-term success with their nutrition and reach optimal health, it’s in their best interest to avoid giving them a measly piece of paper outlining exactly what to eat.  Meal plans are solely a tool, and in the event you are preparing for a fitness show, or a quick and small body composition goal, I might write you up something close.  But if you are one of millions trying to figure out how to eat right for your health and/or you have a significant body composition goal, a meal plan can you set up for complete disaster.  Read on to learn my top reasons for why meal plans don’t work and what strategies would be better in place!   

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