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Healthy body DIY: Homemade bug spray (that works) 

Image credit: Becca Hurt

Warm weather and increased daylight hours means more outdoor activities with family and friends —and those pesky insects, too. While it may be tempting to reach for your most powerful insect repellent — to ward off mosquitos and other bothersome bugs — you may want to consider a healthy alternative.

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Healthy Holiday Shopping – for Everyone on Your List!

You've made the choice to invest in your health, and what an achievement to celebrate as we close out the year!

As you think about the people you love and what you'd like to give them this holiday, it's natural to want to support their well-being in any way you can.

You've come to know what good health can do for you. Now it feels good to share it!

Check out these eleven great gift ideas you'll feel good giving to all the people you cherish! 


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8 Ways to Prevent Weekend Backslide

Universal truth: the weekend always seems like the perfect opportunity to really live out all of our healthy aims.

We’ll sleep in, we tell ourselves. We’ll have more time to exercise or to cook healthy meals. Finally, we’ll have the chance to kick back and de-stress!

Yet, how often does the reality end up matching the intention? Weekends are actually the toughest times for some of my clients.

For many, it's the lack of routine. For some, it's the lack of free time because their schedules end up even more crammed than their work weeks are. Others struggle with the predicable pitfalls of weekend socializing. Whatever the reason, none of us want to surrender our work week gains to the hazards of a Saturday-Sunday backslide!

With that in mind, let's consider 8 unconventional ideas to ward off a weekend meltdown....


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8 Ways You Rob Yourself of Energy Every Day

Are midday yawns a part of your day? Do you need a caffeinated beverage (or two) to get you through your day?

One of the most popular goals people cite for lifestyle change is more energy! The sad fact is, most of us go through too many days exhausted and burned out. We're unable to get through an afternoon without some sort of artificial boost and even then feel drained by evening when we want to enjoy our family and personal time.

If you feel like your energy tank could use a boost, consider that some of your daily habits might be robbing your energy stores dry! Check out these top eight energy robbers I see in my clients and learn what you can do to keep your energy going strong.


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Your 12-Point Winter Health Primer 

When you consider the span of fall and winter holidays, that's two full months - a sixth of the full calendar year. Add to this time frame the challenges of post-holiday winter months when it's all too easy to enter semi-hibernation mode.

Added together, suddenly we find ourselves able to justify poor eating, erratic sleep and little exercise for nearly half the year!

It's little wonder we feel rushed and overwhelmed by the march to "swimsuit season" come spring. 

That said, this time of year admittedly offers its unique challenges. The holidays inevitably add errands, travel and indulgences to life while the cold weather can leave us struggling to maintain the same fitness and exercise schedule that worked fine last summer. How do we re-tune that routine to fit our needs during winter? Check out these twelve ideas that can help you revamp your health efforts this season.


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7 Non-Food Factors That Increase Insulin Resistance

Low carb diets garner major attention as viable options to combat the still-growing problems of obesity and diabetes, and rightfully so. Indeed, they seem to work wonders.

There's much more to the insulin sensitivity picture, however, than the balance of protein, carbs, and fat. We need to also understand how other lifestyle factors influence this intricate picture. Read on to learn more about what elements of your lifestyle might be putting you at increased risk.



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5 Summertime Stumbling Blocks 

It’s finally here! The sun is out, the kids are off school, vacations are booked, and calendars are filled with summer celebrations. With the longer days and change of routine, where does your health and fitness fall on the list of priorities? Summer can pose a challenge for all of us, but maybe even more so for those who emerged from a rough winter! Nonetheless, with a little forethought we can make the most of our summer season while not relinquishing our health and fitness progress! Read on for five seasonal pitfalls to sidestep this summer.


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