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Secrets to make 2019 your healthiest year yet 

Kicking off a new year brings plenty of excitement knowing we get 365 new chances to write 12 more chapters in the story called life. To help make it your healthiest and most fulfilling year yet, we put together 9 key areas to focus on in 2019.

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6 Weeks, 6 Habits: Are YOU Ready to Transform Your Body?

What would you anticipate are the six most potent changes you can make for real transformation? 

Do your thoughts tend toward the extreme? Slashing calories? Exercising hours a day? Depriving yourself of great food or regular fun? 

What if I told you none of those even begin to make this list? What if I said true transformation doesn’t come from extreme measures but from disciplined but do-able commitment to key behaviors? 

And let me add the little appreciated truth that change begets change. Your efforts and motivation over time become compounded. It’s a phenomenon you can’t anticipate at the beginning of a journey, but I see it every day in my clients. What you do today will make you a person who next week can envision and take on that much more. 

True, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and genuine transformation rarely completes itself in six weeks, but in that short amount of time all the essential components could be in place, which means you’ll be fully engaged (and well on your way) to big change. 

Read on for those six habits that can make the most difference in your initial six-week window....


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8 Ways Mindful Eating Can Help You Lose Weight

How often do you work through lunch? 

Do you eat or drink breakfast in your car? Are you stealing bites of dinner while folding laundry and watching the evening news?

We may stop to wonder sometimes: what happened to formal meals at the table? In today’s fast-paced culture, we rarely give ourselves a chance to sit down and eat – and only eat.

Instead, we’re often multitasking - as if eating and enjoying a meal isn't enough. We somehow can’t justify eating as an act worthy of full attention.

Would it change your mind, however, to know that eating mindfully can actually improve your weight loss success by influencing your physiological and emotional responses to eating?

We all know that “what” we eat is important when we’re trying to lose weight and become healthier. Mindful eating, however, lets us consider “how” we eat - specifically how our eating habits and environments influence our experience of food and our bodies’ responses to it.


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8 Ways to Prevent Weekend Backslide

Universal truth: the weekend always seems like the perfect opportunity to really live out all of our healthy aims.

We’ll sleep in, we tell ourselves. We’ll have more time to exercise or to cook healthy meals. Finally, we’ll have the chance to kick back and de-stress!

Yet, how often does the reality end up matching the intention? Weekends are actually the toughest times for some of my clients.

For many, it's the lack of routine. For some, it's the lack of free time because their schedules end up even more crammed than their work weeks are. Others struggle with the predicable pitfalls of weekend socializing. Whatever the reason, none of us want to surrender our work week gains to the hazards of a Saturday-Sunday backslide!

With that in mind, let's consider 8 unconventional ideas to ward off a weekend meltdown....


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5 Ingenious Ways to Break Your Bad Eating Habits 

What would a quick inventory of your eating habits reveal?

What have you changed for the better? Which ones are you happy with - even proud of? On the other side of the spectrum, however, what are the bad habits that still linger - and still unravel the other good you’re doing in your diet?

Consider for a minute what feeds these negative routines. What circumstances, company, attitudes, and self-talk exacerbate them?

The best way to tackle our bad habits, of course, is to get at the root of them. Head them off through strategic choices, better awareness - and just maybe a few ingenious tricks....

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5 Days to a Real Food Diet

How much of the food you ate today was "real"?

One of the most critical strategies for losing weight, increasing your energy and improving the way you look and feel is eating real, whole, naturally occuring foods.

Not only are we sparing ourselves the chemical ingredients, added sugars, and processed oils and fillers, but with real foods, we're invariably and dramatically upgrading our actual nutrient intake.

The result? We'll optimally fuel our bodies - and our metabolisms. 

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Happiness and Health Series, Part 3: Happiness How-Tos

If you’ve been following our happiness series, you’ve learned how being happy can actually improve our health.

We’ve reflected on what research says about the difference happiness and life satisfaction can make in our health, what studies say genuinely makes us measurably more satisfied (not always what we think!) as well as the positive impact exercise can have on our mood.

Today, we’ll wrap up our series with a host of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle how-to tips. Consider it a go-to guide for reaping happiness and boosting your health each day.


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