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7 Ways to Use that Jar of Coconut Oil

Only seven?  Just seven ways to use your jar of coconut oil? That was the trickiest part of this blog post; trying to figure out how to keep this list condensed! A quick internet search of coconut oil will populate hundreds of uses for this amazing product, which may be why you initially purchased that jar and are now rather perplexed as to what to actually use it for. Well, contemplate no more. These seven uses are some of my tried-and-true all time favorites. But it seems each week I find a new way to use it, especially when you consider all the homemade recipes you can make from coconut oil. For now, I’ll stick to just the straight up uses, no homemade concoctions necessary. Just coconut oil, and therefore no reason to keep ignoring that jar on your shelf. 

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Weight Loss Q&A: Ask the Staff

Looking for expert advice on your fitness routine or eating plan? Our Flourish Q&A series is at your service. While we encourage members to connect with Life Time trainers and dieticians in the gyms, our corporate staff can be a resource as well. That’s certainly the point of our Flourish publication, and we’re interested in your questions for the newsletter. Every other week, our corporate and field staff will offer up answers to questions you share about your weight loss and health journey. Just include your questions in the comment section of any Q&A post. We hope our series can be one more LTWL resource that helps you maximize your personal success. This week, join Personal Trainer Corey Grenz and Registered Dietician Paul Kriegler as they take up the question of whether we can ever eat too much protein or fat.

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6 Healthy High-Fat Foods

The term “high-fat foods” means different things to different people. We often hear “experts” talk about high-fat diets as used by the average American. These “high-fat diets” also include an excessive amount of sugar, especially fructose, and other processed carbohydrates. The average American’s diet also includes the fat and protein found in processed meats, cheeses, spreads and sauces.

The six “healthy high-fat foods” listed below are healthy in the context of a healthy diet, but before you load up on these six foods, check the rest of your diet and get rid of some of the junk. When a diet is free of

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