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What to eat when you're craving sweets

One of the most frequent questions my clients' ask me is what they should eat at night when they’re craving something sweet. There’s just something about that time of day. For me, it’s when I finally slow down and relax. Our typical day is go-go-go from the moment we wake up in the morning — getting lunches packed and the entire family ready and dropped off in time for school and work. By the time we eat dinner and get in a little more play, we have a small chunk of time left to relax. I know for many, this is that time of day when the sweet tooth can really kick in.

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10 “Forbidden” Foods You Should Be Eating

Food fallacies are never-ending, but I’m here today to share with you some surprisingly great news! Not all foods that get a bum rap deserve their bad reputation.

Take a peek at each of these 10 foods, but also be sure to read up on what exactly makes them healthy and what varieties to look for when purchasing.

Yet, it’s not quite as easy as loading up on butter and bacon every day now (sorry). If your nutrition intake is veggie-heavy (think nearly half your plate at each meal), lower in grain-based carbs, and rich in quality proteins, then these foods can be beneficial for both variety and flavor. Enjoy!


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20 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being This Summer

Have you started a summer bucket list of healthy options yet?

Imagine for a moment that this could be your healthiest, most vital summer season ever!

 Now can be the perfect time of year to make a list of new ideas you’ve been wanting to try (or old habits you’d like to retry) as you optimize your healthy way of life.  

See below for my top twenty ways to boost your well-being - all with a summer spin. Try one or try them all! 


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