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Can drinking kombucha help me lose weight?

Kom-boo-cha? Kom-buck-ka? Kom-boo-chka? How do you say it? What is it? Should you be drinking it for health, or even for weight loss?

First things first—let me clear the initial confusion---it’s “kom-boo-cha.” This trendy tea is quite the buzz these days, but what most people do not realize is that it actually has been around for over two thousand years! This ancient practice of fermenting tea is gaining popularity in a variety of circles—partially for its uniqueness, partially for its potential health properties, and also because it’s also quite easy to make yourself. Find out more what you may be missing out on these days!

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Sparkling Grapefruit Fizz

Plain water doesn't always cut it. And with warmer weather on the horizon and Spring Happy Hours being scheduled – sometimes you need something a little bit different to sip on while influencing your fluid intake.  One of my all-time favorite ways to increase my water intake is to add fruit to it – specifically grapefruit.  Not only does it provide a nice tart flavor – but it also is packed with Vitamin C – perfect to support your immune system during prime time allergy season.  Check out below for a quick and easy mocktail recipe – perfect to serve next to a healthy, lunch salad or as a post dinner relaxer.  Enjoy!

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Drink This, Not That 

When it comes to nutrition for weight loss or general health, food often serves as our focal point. However, how you fill your glass can likewise make or break your best nutritional intentions.

We’re learning this as the "Big Gulp" generation now grows into adulthood with much different health profiles than those of their grandparents or even parents.

More than ever before, drinks figure into the sugar and calorie content of our overall diets. Unhealthy beverages undoubtedly compromise our health and weight loss efforts every day. That said, you can make a different choice - a better choice - each time you reach for a drink. How about these healthier options?


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