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Secrets to make 2019 your healthiest year yet 

Kicking off a new year brings plenty of excitement knowing we get 365 new chances to write 12 more chapters in the story called life. To help make it your healthiest and most fulfilling year yet, we put together 9 key areas to focus on in 2019.

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What a Blood Test Can Tell You

Let me begin with myself for a second. I’m not in perfect health.

Nonetheless, I know for a fact that I’m able to target specific behaviors to maximize how good I feel in a day and how long I’ll live a vitality filled life - because my blood tells me so.

I’m 30-years-old, but I still make it a priority to know where I stand in terms of my chronic health risks (particularly those in my family history).

I use this hard "blood test" data to adjust my health choices (e.g. nutrition, supplementation, fitness, stress management, etc.) in a detailed fashion. Trending my health allows me to partner more effectively with all of my healthcare providers (e.g. coaches, experts, and - when needed - physicians). I’ve chosen to prioritize preventative health in this way, and I advise my clients to as well for the sake of their own vitality today and their longevity later. 


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What's the Real Impact of Glucose Imbalance?

If you answer yes or “unsure” to more than three of the following questions, this article is for you.

  • Are you irritable if you miss a meal - or jittery/anxious if you go more than 4 hours without food?
  • Do you crave carbohydrates (e.g. bread, potatoes, or pasta) or sweets excessively (daily)?
  • Are you calmer after eating?
  • Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome?
  • Are you more than 20 pounds over your ideal body weight with the majority of weight gain around your mid-section?
  • Do you have an elevated waist to hip ratio?
  • Do you have sporadic energy boosts and drops throughout the day?
  • Do you feel unusual thirst or hunger?
  • Do you get a headache if you go too long without eating?
  • Is your fasting blood sugar above 90mg/dL?

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5 Habits for a Healthy Thyroid

Many people who walk into my office for the first time have a common goal: “I just want to feel better.” Although this seems like a pretty vague, even modest aim, my experience as a dietitian has taught me much about that seemingly innocent statement.

Most people don’t need to be educated on the fact that they “should” exercise consistently, “should” sleep more, “should” stay away from sugar, “should” prioritize nutrition to eat a non-processed diet. The problem is rarely a substantial knowledge gap about a healthy way of life.


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Longevity and Vitality Series, Part 1: Focusing Your Aim

Recently, the group I work with (an extremely talented and passionate bunch) was discussing how there can be such a disparity between the healthiest, most vitality-filled people on the planet and the larger group of people who fit into the category considered “healthy” simply because they lack immediate symptoms of disease. As it is, he vast majority of people are free of known chronic diseases but are blindly headed down the path towards prescription-directed symptom management for more than half their time on earth. When did we develop so many statin, venlaflaxine, famotidine deficiencies? When did kids start getting diseases of old age? What’s wrong with our definition of “healthy” when so few people know what it is to physically thrive? What can we do to envision--let alone claim--a richer experience of wellness for ourselves? 

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