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Seasonal Supercharge: 8 Ways to Kickstart Your Health this Fall

We're at the gateway to winter - and the holiday season. With the added stress, fuller schedules and coming social commitments, fall is the perfect time to reassess the state of your health and to prep for the challenges of the months ahead.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the season, anticipate your needs!

Take a new look at the tools and resources available to you (e.g. How about those HSAs/FSAs)!

Balance your time and enjoyment of these months, and set yourself up for a seasonal supercharge toward resilient health and continued weight loss success!


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20 Ways to Boost Your Health – in 5 Minutes (or Less)

Some days it’s harder than others to feel progress and enthusiasm for our larger goals.

We’re tired. We’re overrun. Our normal schedules went out the window hours ago. On those days, we do well to let the big picture go and simply focus on the next right thing.

Lucky for us, major results come from small steps - seemingly inconsequential ones at that. It’s the confluence of these decisions throughout a day, however, that create the trajectory of change we’re looking for - a continual shift that spurs our gradual transformation.

For all those times when you pause during a breakneck-speed day wondering what you should do next or for the days when you could simply use a small win, check out these 5-minute health commitments!


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This is Your Body on Stress

Do you struggle with lack of energy, inability to sleep through the night, poor memory or inability to lose weight no matter what you try?

One of the most common causes behind these popular complaints is the infamous 6 letter word - STRESS! In fact, up to 90% of medical visits are for stress related problems.

Ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 feeling overwhelmed or overcommitted), how stressed do I feel?”

Americans have mastered the process of pushing pedal to the metal from the time they roll out of bed in the morning until they collapse in bed at night. In fact, if we let off the gas, we often feel guilty as if we’re lazy or self-indulgent. Over time, however, we can become out of touch with what should be normal (i.e. unstressful) for our bodies and mistake the usual routine for genuine health when optimum well-being actually looks (and feels) much different than what we’re used to. Today, I’ll share with you types of stressors, many hidden or unknown, their impacts on our bodies and minds, and personalized strategies to help manage stress.


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What Does It Really Take to Turn Your Health Around?

Resolutions rule this time of year, but what will ultimately make or break our personal outcomes? 

Many of us temporarily enjoy the clean slate offered by the New Year – and rightfully so. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of a fresh start.

That said, most of us will abandon our plans long before we've even started to see progress. What separates those who let their goals fall by the wayside from those who find success?

Check out the critical factors to cultivate that will transform your health for good. 


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10 Actions You Can Take Today for Better Heart Health

My grandmother died from a stroke. Her death left a huge impact on me.

Whenever I’m asked to share my family medical history, it’s a reminder of not only why she left this earth, but also what’s in my genes. Many of my clients share a similar journey. They’ve lost a close family member to cardiovascular disease and want to do anything and everything to avoid that outcome for themselves.

Heart disease affects 65 million Americans. It’s a sobering statistic. Even if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, however, you don’t have to let your genes dictate your future. Instead, you can use this knowledge as motivation to pursue a healthy, prevention-minded lifestyle.

Want to support your heart health? Below are 10 actions you can start or continue today.


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Challenge Check-in: 6 Strategies for the Midpoint

It’s the official midpoint, folks. Does it seem possible? How would you describe your Challenge experience so far? What’s been your biggest success? How would you rate your overall progress? What do you think you could improve upon? Midpoint is the perfect time to assess and realign with your goals in order to pave the way for greater success in these final weeks. Whether you’re happy with the progress you’ve made or want to kickstart new efforts, use what you’ve learned and commit to making the remaining weeks your best yet! Check out these 6 strategies for energizing the second half of your 90-Day journey!


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Life after D.TOX

If you’re one of the 11,000 individuals who has completed Life Time’s D.TOX program, first let me say congratulations on taking charge of your personal health and wellness! Our participants have experienced amazing results with the 14 day program. They’ve lost impressive amounts of body fat and inches off their waists and hips. They’ve reduced their lipids, glucose and blood pressure and increased their energy levels and sleep quality – just to name a few benefits. Second, I imagine you might be wondering – whether you’re fresh out of the program or several months past your experience – “what now?” Participants I’ve heard from are eager to maintain the benefits they’ve gained and wonder how to make use of the forward momentum the program gave them. Because of their improvements, many chose to continue with the program’s nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations. Others, however, want to know how to transition back to their normal lives without giving up the ground they’ve gained. Today, I’ll share with you tips on how to best apply the lessons learned and momentum attained in a practical “post-D.TOX” life.

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