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30 Days – 30 Healthy Experiments

Major health change happens with 1000 modest efforts. 

While the "big basics" (e.g. the Healthy Way of Eating, resistance training, ample movement, quality sleep, etc.) universally hold, you’d be surprised at how much license you have to "play" on the path to good health.

Viewing our journeys through the lens of experimentation can underscore the truth that our commitments are made and remade every day - choice by choice. It can also encourage us to try on new practices that fit our interests and progress us further in our lifestyle change.

What new ideas have you attempted lately? Check out these 30 health experiments that span the spectrum from lighthearted to illuminating, and see where the month takes you!  


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20 Ways to Boost Your Health – in 5 Minutes (or Less)

Some days it’s harder than others to feel progress and enthusiasm for our larger goals.

We’re tired. We’re overrun. Our normal schedules went out the window hours ago. On those days, we do well to let the big picture go and simply focus on the next right thing.

Lucky for us, major results come from small steps - seemingly inconsequential ones at that. It’s the confluence of these decisions throughout a day, however, that create the trajectory of change we’re looking for - a continual shift that spurs our gradual transformation.

For all those times when you pause during a breakneck-speed day wondering what you should do next or for the days when you could simply use a small win, check out these 5-minute health commitments!


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The 5 Most Unproductive Health Messages We Inherit

The health and fitness field certainly has no shortage of conflicting opinions.

Published studies with various (and sometimes questionable) funding sources, research and development in the food and pharmaceutical industries, not to mention the endless number of bloggers, commercials, and gimmicks all play a role in the whirlwind of wellness confusion.

While it might feel more comfortable to ignore it all and resort back to long-held viewpoints, the longevity of a health message doesn’t necessarily determine its accuracy.

The power of repetition is mighty - whether it's in the media culture or around our kitchen tables. We all have familiar, standard messages that we either grew up with or we've heard so often that we've accepted them as truth.

Here are five common concepts that are surprisingly unproductive for your health. 


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What Does It Really Take to Turn Your Health Around?

Resolutions rule this time of year, but what will ultimately make or break our personal outcomes? 

Many of us temporarily enjoy the clean slate offered by the New Year – and rightfully so. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of a fresh start.

That said, most of us will abandon our plans long before we've even started to see progress. What separates those who let their goals fall by the wayside from those who find success?

Check out the critical factors to cultivate that will transform your health for good. 


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Spring Primer: 8 Ways to Refresh Your Health Routine

Most of us are welcoming the beginning of spring these days, shaking off the winter doldrums and anticipating the promises of summer. In the midst of these warmer days, maybe you're priding yourself on the hard work you've done over the winter months. On the other hand, maybe you find yourself wishing you were a little further along in your progress as summer (and swimsuit season) approach. Sometimes all you need is a refresh in your health and fitness routine to renew your motivation and kickstart the next chapter of your health and transformation journey! Check out these 8 tips below to recharge your healthy lifestyle this season. 

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