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10 Tools You Aren't Using at the Gym

I once heard the phrase, “Fitness is like fashion.” In other words, certain equipment, workouts or programs might be “in” right now and promptly “out” tomorrow.

During my nearly twenty years in the profession, I have found this to be the case. Tried and true exercise tools suddenly fall out of favor and collect dust in the corner while many people choose to wait around for more popular equipment during peak hours.

The fact is, many of our members use a very narrow set of tools and resources at the gym. Why is that? There are plenty of benefits to be had from bringing a more exploratory mindset to the fitness floor - including more variation and (often) better results! Check out these 10 tools that can expand your fitness horizons. 

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8 Ways to Branch Out at the Gym 

Think for a minute about where you spend your gym time.

What areas, machines or rooms do you frequent? What tools do you use? How much of the overall facility do these encompass? Finally, how long have you been limiting yourself to this circuit? 

The fact is, Life Time members literally have hundreds, if not thousands, of different equipment pieces, classes and other offerings to choose from. The concept behind this variety, of course, is to ignite interest and maximize workout productivity.

The tough thing, however, is that we're creatures of habit. We find our groove in life and often get stuck there. The same applies at the gym. This pattern can lead to plateaus and frustration, but a few tweaks can change your outlook on your current regimen. Expanding your fitness horizons will inevitably boost your enthusiasm – and your workout productivity. Consider these several ways to branch out at the club today.


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