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The best way to eat for gut healing

Gut continues to be a buzz-word in the world of nutrition and holistic health. More and more research continues to come out on how our gut health has a bigger impact than we once thought when it comes to our immune system, metabolism and overall health.

And here’s the thing: There are a lot of gut health promotion programs out there (and more surely to hit the market soon) that offer up eating plans and supplemental treatment. But ironically, many of the recommendations within them could actually negatively impact your gut health.

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Chicken Breakfast Patties

I just recently had a Food Sensitivity test done, and guess what is off my list of foods to enjoy? Eggs, dairy, gluten and beans. Now, in full transparency, I was a little bit overwhelmed. Even with my dietetics background, I was struggling to come up with ideas for breakfast.  I had to start getting a bit more creative. Enter: breakfast patties! Did I always used to love eating a big meat patty right away in the morning? NOPE! But I sure do now! Not only because I am feeling fantastic, and healing my gut at the same time. But I am starting my day with protein, which keeps my blood sugars rock solid and my hunger at bay.  Enjoy!

Yields 8 patties

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Banana Roll Ups

Crepes are one of my all-time favorite breakfast recipes. They are easy to make, have an amazing texture, and you have unlimited options when it comes to their filling.  When I was tasked to come up with GUT.FIX approved recipes - this one came right to my mind.  These banana roll ups are great for a quick breakfast or as a make-ahead snack.  Pair it with your favorite protein and you are ready to go!  Enjoy!

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Turkey Burger

This turkey burger will not disappoint you.  Both GUT.FIX and D.TOX approved, it's both gut healing and belly filling and will help support your daily protein intake.  Serve it up with your favorite veggies.  Enjoy!


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Soothing Chicken Soup

Winter is officially here, which means, it’s officially soup season.  Our Soothing Chicken Soup is not only supports gut health and healing (it’s GUT.FIX approved!) – but is easy to make and something you won’t get sick of in case you need a recipe to batch cook this week for lunches.


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Why Your Weight Loss Problem is a Gut Health Problem

It’s no secret that America has a weight problem. And sadly, it’s a majority of the population with this excess weight issue. Seven out of ten of us are struggling with extra pounds. If you plug “weight loss program” into an internet search engine, approximately 53 million hits turn up. Fifty three million! Wouldn’t it be nice if they all had a consistent message? Unfortunately, our sensory input is saturated by separate, conflicting and authoritarian-sounding messages about how to lose weight that seem to change almost daily. Where does all the confusion come from? Where should we start?

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5 Surprising Signs You're Due for a Gut-Check

Nope. I’m not talking about gas, bloating, constipation, IBS, acid reflux, diarrhea or any other common offender in regard to your gut health. For most, those symptoms make it quite obvious (to you and others) that things are not-so-hot in the realm of tummy health.

This article is for those of you who may have otherwise skipped over this topic thinking, “Nah, my digestion is fine. I feel fine after I eat and I’m fairly ‘regular’ with my bathroom visits.” While you may not think you have gut issues, some of the ailments you DO complain about could in fact be correlated to your gut and its health (or lack thereof).

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