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The Real Scoop on Fiber

Fiber is a common buzzword within the food industry these days, but it’s difficult to know what is healthy truth versus marketing tactic. What is fiber exactly? What foods contain the most? How much do I need? How should it influence my dietary choices - and grocery list? With the addition of fiber to your daily routine, the common rollercoaster of energy as well as hunger peaks and valleys can be a thing of the past. It can enhance your digestive regularity and overall health, but it’s important to know the best ways to incorporate fiber in your Healthy Way of Eating to get the most benefit. Read on for a fiber primer and all the facts you need to make healthy fiber choices.


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Can you cure IBS?

Written By Anika DeCoster - Asst. Program Manager LifeTime WeightLoss

IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, has been said to affect as much as 20% of the adult population.  With related symptoms including constipation, diarrhea, abdominal bloating and frequent gas, anyone with IBS knows it’s embarrassing, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s especially discouraging when you are told there is no cure for it.  But is that absolutely true?  Conventional medicine says so, but many holistic practitioners will state otherwise and are paving a path to IBS-freedom for many people.   In fact, many of my clients have been able to kick IBS to the curb by following some simple recommendations.  Whether you’re a long-time sufferer or newly-diagnosed, you’ve got to try these tips below – you may just find complete gut-relief for good!

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