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A Top Athlete’s Detour to Optimum Health: Meet Mark Sisson 

I met Mark Sisson for the first time a couple of years ago, after becoming a fan of his from reading The Primal Blueprint and following his site, Mark’s Daily Apple. What fascinated me about Mark was his proven track record as a serious endurance athlete, his relentless pursuit of truth in nutrition, his unique ability to make common sense out of the often complicated topics of nutrition and metabolism, and his unwavering dedication to living the life he recommends for others. We’ve had a couple meals together and had the fortune of visiting Mark at his beautiful home in Malibu. From his eggs and bacon breakfast to his shorts and Vibram five-fingers, Mark really walks his talk.

We’ve gone back and forth about how we could get him in front of more of our Life Time Weight Loss followers, and we know a lot of our Health and Fitness Professionals love his stuff. Hopefully this will be one of many ways we can introduce Mark to all of you. If you’re uncertain whether you should order his book, check out my book review of The Primal Blueprint.

I asked Mark to briefly tell his story about how he went from being a high-performing endurance athlete to becoming one of the leaders in the Paleo movement and to creating his own category of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, which he calls The Primal Blueprint. Below, he shares his story of the negative effects of overdoing endurance training and eating a conventional endurance athletes' diet, to getting smarter about training, nutrition and lifestyle. As you can see from his picture, at 59 years old, what he recommends is certainly serving him well. Be sure to share thoughts and post some questions below. Hopefully we can get Mark to jump in and respond to some of your questions. Enjoy!

-- Tom Nikkola – Sr. Director of Nutrition & Weight Management

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8 Relationships You Can Build To Help You Lose Weight

We all have moments of rationalizing why we aren’t at the gym.  The alarm goes off, it’s dark outside, and you think to yourself “I just cannot get up now, but I will go to the gym after work.”  Or the moment while you sit in traffic after work and you think to yourself “I have had a long day and all I want to do is sit on the couch in my pajamas, watch TV, and drink a glass of wine.”  Or for those who work out of a home office the moment when you think “I just do not have time to leave work to go to the gym today. I will go tomorrow.”  I am sure that all of us have had one of these moments at some point.  So what is going to help you overcome these thoughts and get you to the gym on the path to accomplishing your goals? It certainly is not the appeal of logging some miles alone on a treadmill.


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