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What Do You Learn in a Grocery Store Tour?

With the average supermarket containing over 45,000 different food items to pick from (the majority of them being unhealthy!), it’s little wonder we’re confused on what to buy as soon as we walk through the doors.

For that reason, a grocery store tour is, by far, one of the best learning experiences you can take advantage of as you adjust your diet.

In fact, as a registered dietitian, it’s my absolute favorite way to engage my clients with practical nutrition advice they can use to make their health journeys easier!

Could your confidence use a boost when choosing the right foods or brands in this environment? Learn some of my best strategies for healthy grocery shopping as well as tips for getting the most out of your food budget!


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5 Ways to Save On Healthy Food

How can healthy food be more budget-friendly? 

It's a question I find myself answering on a weekly if not daily basis while consulting with clients or discussing lab testing interpretations.

When we change over our diets, we take on a transition that will affect the way we shop as well as cook and eat. Affording a full list of healthy foods every week can seem out of reach, but there are many ways to save! 

Read on for five essential money-saving tips you can use in your food shopping this weekend!


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10 Money Saving Tips for Healthy Eating

“I would eat healthy if I could afford it.” It’s common, albeit self-defeating, reasoning. While it’s true that eating healthily doesn’t come “cheap,” poor health isn’t exactly inexpensive either.  A Healthy Way of Life begins with the importance of mindset. That means making a commitment to seeing – and striving for – what’s possible. This said, the possible happens in the practical – the day to day choices we make and changes we embrace. The spectrum of eating, for example, is vast and extensive, ranging from extremely unhealthy with very little nutrient intake to optimally nourishing with nothing artificially processed and everything whole-food based. Currently, you are somewhere on that spectrum. Think about where you would like to be instead. Let yourself be ambitious. Finances are one of the basic resources that inevitably influence our health journey. With some creative thinking and new shopping practices, however, they don’t have to impose as significant a limitation as we might imagine. Read on to see which of these tips you can start incorporating today to set you on the path to healthier living.

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Farmers' Market Challenge

‘Tis the season for farmers’ markets.  Spring is time for many of them to start reopening, but are you a frequent shopper?   Although their popularity is increasing, the average American still purchases most of their food from a supermarket and in a highly processed form.  Sure, supermarkets are super-convenient, but there are so many more benefits to purchasing your food locally, including healthier and tastier food! 

So what’s the challenge?  What if you could only purchase food from the farmers’ markets?  Imagine grocery shopping free of misleading

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Refrigerator Makeover

Spring is definitely in the air, and, for many of us, means spring cleaning! Soon we’ll have the itch to scrub, dust and organize our homes, but does your refrigerator also get that tender love and care?  This year, let the cleaning bug strike, but let’s make transforming your refrigerator top on the list.  Taking advantage of the seasonal motivation can be a great time to give a healthy transformation to the most utilized kitchen appliance.  And if you organize it right, it actually can help promote healthy eating habits as well as reduce food waste.  Read on below to find out how to set your refrigerator up for its healthiest and most usable potential!

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