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Why Greens Should Be A Part of Your Supplement Routine

Raise your hand if your childhood memories involve stubborn moments pushing peas, carrots and broccoli around your plate, despite your parents telling you that if you want to grow up to be tall and strong, you must eat your veggies. Yeah, me too.

How many of you are familiar with the myriad of public health campaigns aimed at getting everyone to eat more fruits and veggies (stubborn kids and stubborn grown-ups alike)?

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Healthy Shamrock Shake

Are you one of the many that fall victim to craving this shake every Spring?  There's something about a green and mint-flavored milk shake that is hard to resist.  Not only does it taste amazing - but it's fun to celebrate holiday's with themed foods and beverages.

But - we also know this shake carries a ton not-so-healthy ingredients.  Far from what we'd recommend on this blog.  Check out our take on a healthy Shamrock Shake.  It's not only full of amazing real food ingredients, but super tasty and provides a way to celebrate Spring's up and coming holiday. 


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Ultimate Guide to Greens

Truth time: how many greens do you get in your daily diet? 

I'll venture a guess and say that many of us grew up with either very limited exposure to true greens or with dishes that didn't appeal to our childhood taste. 

Fast forward to today, and too many of us are missing out on the hefty nutritional advantages and unappreciated flavor we can gain from going a little greener. Not only are these leafy-greens low in calories, but they provide a slew of health benefits. All this said, how do we choose from the abundant variety? What are the differences, and how can we best prepare each type? See below for my top recommendations along with cooking and serving suggestions!


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4:1 Green Smoothie

This is not your typical smoothie!   The 4:1 Green Smoothie not only offers a perfect ratio of vegetables to fruit (4:1), but it also accounts for HALF of your daily recommendations in just one serving!  Loaded with fiber, it’s also bound to keep you full and satisfied!  Thank you to Healthy Living How To for sharing the recipe. Enjoy!

Recipe by Healthy Living How To

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Chocolate Protein Truffles

Your friends, family members or co-workers will be surprised if you tell them you’ve got chocolate truffles to share and they fit in your nutrition plan. These delicious snacks are high in protein, dairy-free, and have the added bonus of an ORAC value of more than 9000, which provides more antioxidant power than 3 cups of blueberries! Oh, yeah, they’re gluten-free and low-carb, too! Thank you to Healthy Living How To for sharing the recipe. Enjoy!

Recipe by Healthy Living How To

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Get your greens on!

We’re very picky about the nutritional products we carry at Life Time. We know there are many low-quality, useless supplements on the market, and we feel it’s our job to look for the products with the best quality, most effective ingredients. When you see a new product on the shelf in LifeCafe or available in our online store, you know there’s been a significant amount of thought that’s gone into our decision to carry it.

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Try-It Tuesday: Kale

I hear two comments about dark green leafy vegetables, “They are too bitter and I do not like them,” or “I have no idea how to prepare them or what to eat them with.” Kale, swiss chard, bok choy, collard greens, mustard greens are very versatile and can be prepared in several ways including a few that help reduce the bitterness. It is worth figuring out how to enjoy these vegetables as they are the number one vegetable in terms of...

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