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What Do You Resolve to Do?

The new year is here - and with it the intentions to change or improve something in the months ahead. We resolve to take control. We resolve to step up. When you take apart the annual tradition itself, it implies we feel something is awry in a serious way. The problem is even formidable enough that it requires a collective cultural event to launch whatever “out with the old” actions we need to take. We want to capitalize on the energy surrounding the change in calendar - ride the coattails of societal enthusiasm. (Why not?) Unfortunately, the January fervor tends to fizzle all too soon (as anyone who’s observed gym attendance dwindle into February knows). By all means, every one of us should be inspired by the spirit of the New Year. Use it to your advantage. Psych yourself into a new vision with it. That said, there’s got to be more to the resolution story if we want to be successful in our aim a year from now. More is required for a successful outcome than temporary fervor. If we want our resolutions to be more than pipe dreams, we need to get clear and committed, and we need to revise the concept of resolution itself. Here’s how....

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6 Tips for Creating a Successful New Year’s Resolution

It’s officially that time of year: “out with the old and in with the new”! We’ll soon be ringing in the New Year with excitement and motivation for new beginnings. In keeping with tradition, many of us will spend time creating resolutions for the coming months. How we approach them now (as well as how much work we put in later!) will ultimately determine whether we’ll see these resolutions through. A little strategic thinking on the front end, however, can put our resolutions in a whole new context - and can prime us for ongoing motivation throughout the year. What are these ideas that can boost our chance for success? Below are my six tips for creating the most promising New Year’s resolutions. 

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