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Here's why health-conscious influencers keep holding you back


The rise of social media has created one of the largest digital ecosystems where anyone can consume, re-share or publish almost any type of information they stumble across. While many argue this is a step forward in connectivity, innovation and unity, many don’t stop to pause and understand the consequences that can come along with it. 

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7 Herbs and Spices for Good Health

While we give careful consideration to the foods we buy in adopting the Healthy Way of Eating, how we cook them has the power to add ample benefit. Simple seasonings we might include for flavor could also support our overall health. Additionally, many herbs can offer medicinal benefits in teas, capsules or topical applications – all without the unwanted side effects of many over-the-counter products. It’s a testament to the power of food as functional to our health and wellbeing. Read on to see seven healthy and flavorful additions you can make to your cooking and self-care routines!

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What is Functional Nutrition?

Beyond basic fuel, how does food help generate health each day? You’ve perhaps heard of functional medicine, the medical care approach that takes a “systems” view of health by focusing on the origins of dysfunction in the body and the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Functional nutrition fits within this framework to examine how food “functions” within our bodies to both provide nourishment but also to influence the body’s health (or disease) itself. Food is one of the most fundamental and potent inputs we give our bodies every day--a clear and impactful message to our biochemistry. It’s one of several powerful links between our internal and external environments. The insight itself is ancient. More than two thousand years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates offered the famous quote, “Let medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine.” Today it’s a timeless rallying cry for advocates of real food nutrition. What should this mean for you?



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