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5 ways to keep your workout motivation

If you feel your motivation is drifting and you’re ready to toss your New Year’s resolution to the wind, you’re not alone. In fact, due to the surge of people known to give up on their 2019 fitness goals around this time, January 12 has been deemed as “National Quitters’ Day”. While we don’t typically associate one single day for derailing our fitness goals, if the temptation to quit isn’t properly addressed, our chances of failing will significantly increase.

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How Self Talk Makes (or Breaks) Your Weight Loss Efforts

Pause for a second and think to yourself, “How many times have I thought something positive about myself today?” Then also ask yourself, “How many times have I criticized myself today?” Self-talk can quickly spark motivation or sabotage not just our thoughts, but also our actions.

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How You Can Learn to Love Exercise 

Long ago our prehistoric (and even pre-Industrial) ancestors had to be active. Life simply required it. Today all of our transportation and convenience options can make most activity seem obsolete.

However much our societies have evolved, the human body is still physically the same. Regardless of the seeming inconguity, we remain wired to optimally function with regular activity.

Without the pull of necessity, how can we push ourselves to not only do exercise but actually enjoy it? (The more fun we have, after all, the more motivated we'll be to stay on the path.) Check out these attitude adjusters and logistical strategies to help you learn to love your workouts more.


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Why Your Routine Isn’t Getting Results

When you get up the motivation to begin a health journey, you're ready for results.

In fact, you're likely tired of the way you've been living for a while - feeling out of shape, carrying extra pounds....

Unfortunately, our routines don't always meet with our immediate expectations. Maybe we even find ourselves sidetracked after enjoying some initial success. What gives?

While we should expect a certain ebb and flow in our progress, sometimes it becomes clear that we've stalled out along the way. Whether we're in a motivational rut or hit a physiological plateau, figuring out what's not working for us is the first step in rebooting our process. Read on to see which of these problems may be slowing or blocking your success. 


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How Often Should I Exercise?

It seems like such a simple question, but the answer is far more complex than we assume. When club members ask me this, they’re often frustrated by the necessary response: “It depends.” Given that exercise is such a key component to health, a basic formula here would be convenient, but recommended frequency can vary based on everything from particular goal to health condition or even other lifestyle behaviors. In truth, the best routine correlates with a full composite picture and not a single consideration. For today, we’ll examine some of the most common factors that influence optimum frequency and sample regimens geared toward those scenarios.


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