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5 common mistakes to avoid at the gym

The gym is sort of like a second home to me. Having an active gym membership for over 18 years, I’ve spent a lot of time there. My favorite part about it is the environment it brings. The noise and energy of hundreds of people that have one thing in common: actively trying to improve their health and physique. I’ve worked in this industry for over twelve years — ten of them at Life Time. And I’ve definitely noticed some common themes when it comes to working out at the club that might not be optimal for the results they’re looking for.

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Top 6 Fitness Myths

If you asked a hundred people at a gym what information sources influenced their current fitness routine, you’d likely get a broad mix of good conversations and blank stares.

Some people do a version of what they see other people doing. Some do what they read about in a magazine or what they were told to do in gym class many years (or decades) ago.

Still others choose a blend of guidance from a trainer and ideas they gather from their favorite fitness websites.

What nearly all of these people would agree on, however, is the importance of efficiency. No one wants to spin their wheels during their workout time. They want results! This said, not all fitness routines will get you there in the fastest (or safest) way with the best outcomes.


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Mistakes behind the Most Common Gym Injuries 

“Hmm…that exercise looks like it’s working for that person. Maybe I should try it.” 

Have you found yourself saying this at the gym? Sometimes watching others’ workouts opens up whole new directions in our fitness. We discover new interests. We become willing to push ourselves in new ways.

On the flip side of this coin, however, we may not appreciate the distance between where we’re at and where that other person is. We can easily underestimate the time and training that have gone into his/her current abilities or not understand how a particular exercise fits into his/her larger program. As a result, we may put unreasonable – and sometimes dangerous – expectations on ourselves.

As a corrective exercise specialist, I have seen quite the variety of injuries, most of which were entirely preventable given proper knowledge and instruction. Every body is unique: this point should be a guiding principle for our individual fitness paths. Check out these top considerations we can glean from the majority of gym injuries.


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7 Fitness Flubs

Oftentimes, we think fitness results are all about the latest tools and science. While these are certainly useful for honing the most efficient, and effectively personalized programs, the most essential elements for fitness success are the behavioral basics themselves. During my twenty years as a fitness professional (and fitness consumer as well), the same truths are consistently the most important for achieving long-term success, yet they’re often the practices people most commonly abandon. Read on for what I’d consider the top 7 “flubs” we can make on the way to personal fitness.



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Fitness Chronicles: 8 Mistakes Beginners Make

The motivation people bring when beginning a fitness program can be remarkable and inspiring. They’ve committed to a critical change for their lives and health. They’re excited. They’re ready to show up and do the work. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm too often burns itself out with the frustration that comes when results feel remote, efforts wasted. Usually, it’s not about how much beginners apply themselves. It’s about simply how. The fact is, some approaches are effective and some aren’t, some choices productive and some not. I think it’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes as often as we can--to save ourselves the grief and frustration of getting mired in those same mistakes ourselves. Check out these eight common mistakes fitness beginners make and see whether you can forge a better fitness path. 

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6 Exercises I Used to Think Were Essential

Crazy picture aside, when it comes to exercise, there’s a spectrum of what I’ll call exercise sense to non-sense. On the positive side are the many exercises that, when done with proper form, are invaluable for training the whole body or a particular muscle group. On the opposite side, you find moves fitness professionals wish didn’t exist (that’s fodder for another post). Yet, you also find exercises that many of us thought were essential at one time but later learned were ineffective at best, dangerous at worst. Even trainers like me have found themselves in this boat at some point. The latest and greatest recommendations too often fall by the wayside as updated science later suggests otherwise. Some of the debunked practices, however still persist in gyms everywhere. Old advice tends to die hard, and too many people operate their fitness from outdated instructions. Below are six examples to illustrate my own fitness revision. Do you recognize your routine in the following?

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