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How-To Fitness: What to Do with 10 Minutes

Maybe it's about running short on time. Perhaps it’s about adding to your daily exercise investment.

Whatever the case, when we find ourselves with a few strategic minutes, we can do more than kill time on our phones.

How about fitting in more movement - even an intense, albeit brief, round of cardio or resistance work instead?

While we should be shooting for several hours of overall workout time each week, how we divide that is up to us. Ultimately, it’s not about the length of each workout but the full extent of our fitness commitment.

In the midst of that overall goal, ten minutes matters. Let’s look at several ideas for making that happen. 


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10 Tools You Aren't Using at the Gym

I once heard the phrase, “Fitness is like fashion.” In other words, certain equipment, workouts or programs might be “in” right now and promptly “out” tomorrow.

During my nearly twenty years in the profession, I have found this to be the case. Tried and true exercise tools suddenly fall out of favor and collect dust in the corner while many people choose to wait around for more popular equipment during peak hours.

The fact is, many of our members use a very narrow set of tools and resources at the gym. Why is that? There are plenty of benefits to be had from bringing a more exploratory mindset to the fitness floor - including more variation and (often) better results! Check out these 10 tools that can expand your fitness horizons. 

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How-To Fitness: Training Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Beginning a fitness journey can be an exciting but vulnerable time. Maybe it's been years (or decades) since you were active. Since then, your body has changed as have your present abilities. Medical difficulties or hard truths of other kinds may have gotten you back in the gym. The road ahead might appear daunting, but the journey is made one walk or workout at a time. While commitment is essential, it's important to understand that clear strategies exist to make your fitness endeavor more successful and efficient. Here are 8 training tips every beginner should know for maximizing the results of his/her exercise investment.


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