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A Common Barrier To Your Health and Fitness Goals

If asked to press a three-pound dumbbell overhead, it’s likely that many of us would be able to do so with relative ease. Now, imagine being asked to pause that overhead press at the top and hold it there for an hour or two. Or, imagine doing the same overhead press, then simultaneously handed a wrench, light bulb, cell phone and a large cup of coffee to hold. Sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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5 Game-Changing Fitness Commitments

When we only think of exercise as health routine, we miss out on so much—like challenge, adventure and motivation.

Taking on fitness commitments can help us upgrade our program to whole new levels and keep us engaged in exercise for the long haul. 

Wondering how to expand your fitness horizons beyond the same old routine and equipment? Check out these 5 inspiring challenges that can move your fitness—and weight loss—into brand new territory.


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