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7 Laws of Fat Loss

What does it take to succeed at fat loss?

So often, people begin a weight loss journey on a whim, simply grativating to the activities and choices that worked for them years ago or that others seem to be using. 

In healthy transformation, however, our objective is to shift our body composition toward lean mass. This requires much more than trying the latest fad, taking a heavily marketed pill, or even eating less and exercising more. We do well in this case to actually understand the principles of fat loss physiology.

Read on to learn the essential laws that govern your body's ability to shed fat.

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Stress vs. Strain

Our bodies are built for certain physical “stresses.” They evolved to handle to them, expect them, and thrive with them. In fact, when we don’t offer our bodies reasonable exertion within these natural stresses, our systems suffer to some degree. We, in effect, downgrade our own physical robustness. Good physical stress is the day to day (hopefully) movement that supports our bone, muscle, organ, hormone, and immune function. Strain, however, results when we push our bodies beyond reasonable exertion (for our present physical condition) or when we engage in exercise without adhering to proper form and periodization. The key to maximizing our fitness gains is to optimize our good physical stress without imposing unproductive strain on our bodies. 

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