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8 Ways to Strategize Your Winter Fitness 

With the onset of the holidays and the colder months, it's officially that time of year when people move less.

For one, we're less likely to be active outside (at least those of us in the colder regions). Sometimes we're even less motivated to drive to the gym!

With holiday events and chores, we're crunched for time, which means workouts too often get pushed off the agenda.

Added to this picture, holiday travel can throw schedules up in the air and make workout logistics that much more complicated.

If the winter months are testing your exercise routine, check out these tips to make good fitness happen despite the season's challenges. 


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Q&A: Exercise with Chronic Pain or Injury

As a corrective exercise specialist, I have many clients approach me with questions about exercising with pain or injuries, whether these are the result of a recent event or the lingering effects of a chronic condition.

Let me offer the essential reminder first that it’s always important to consult with your physician no matter what the nature of the injury or pain. As part of the consultation, he/she will likely perform a series of assessments (e.g. x-ray, MRI, etc.) and – based on those results – may be able to provide non-invasive treatments for helping solve the issue.

If not, surgery may be in your future. If it is, I agree with the many experts who suggest obtaining 2-3 additional opinions just to be sure any and all alternatives have been ruled out. You always want to avoid something as invasive as surgery because once you’ve had it, there’s no going back to your original template.

Below are a few common inquiries that I receive from my clientele. If you find yourself experiencing joint pain, read on for some suggestions to reduce or even eliminate discomfort through targeted exercise and complementary treatment programs.


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Top 6 Fitness Myths

If you asked a hundred people at a gym what information sources influenced their current fitness routine, you’d likely get a broad mix of good conversations and blank stares.

Some people do a version of what they see other people doing. Some do what they read about in a magazine or what they were told to do in gym class many years (or decades) ago.

Still others choose a blend of guidance from a trainer and ideas they gather from their favorite fitness websites.

What nearly all of these people would agree on, however, is the importance of efficiency. No one wants to spin their wheels during their workout time. They want results! This said, not all fitness routines will get you there in the fastest (or safest) way with the best outcomes.


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Fitness Primer: What Is Periodization and Why Does It Matter? 

While persistence might be the first requirement of fitness, there’s a science to exercise optimization.  

Periodization is a concept used to break down a long or complicated process (like building fitness) into more manageable phases.

It refers to the fact that training our bodies to 1) improve physiological functions, 2) gain new physical abilities, and/or 3) transform our physiques is a process that can’t necessarily be rushed through the requisite phases. 

The human body has amazing capacity to adapt to many different situations, but it adapts best when it’s brought through certain experiences in a methodical manner, known to many fitness professionals as periodized training.  


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7 Tips for Fitness Motivation

Maybe you're just getting started on your fitness expedition - or looking for some insight on how to kickstart a new level or renewed commitment?

In any health and fitness journey, there are a few key factors that contribute significantly to our success in the long run, but we may not know which practices they are right away.

Some of us start off impressively strong, (probably too strong) and fizzle out quickly due to lack of proper planning. Others start rather willy-nilly and never get enough of a spark to achieve the results they want to see.

Whatever boat you're in, see which of these points speak to you, and use their messages to spur your success!


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5 Fitness Trends Worth Trying

As helpful as a regular exercise routine can be, sometimes we benefit from shaking things up.

At times, it's a matter of rebooting our motivation with some sorely-needed novelty. Other times, we're looking to bust through a fitness plateau by offering our bodies new varieties of input.

The great thing about fitness is there's always something to match every physical goal or personal preference.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, let yourself explore the immense array of exercise options - those you're familiar with and those you've maybe never even heard of! Observe fitness classes, talk to club trainers, and consider these recent trends for giving your program the boost it needs! 


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Top 7 Tips a Weight Loss Coach Would Tell You

What would happen if you gathered a group of nutrition, fitness and weight loss experts together and asked them for their most essential tips?

Together they've guided thousands of people through their weight loss and transformation journeys. They've witnessed the ups and downs of the process. They've tested "book knowledge" against real results. What do you think they've learned along the way? 

Join seven of our Flourish writers as they share their best strategies for maximizing your success around nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and motivation!

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