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6 Unexpected Outcomes of Metabolic Testing

Everyone wants their own “perfect plan” for personal health and fitness goals. Wouldn’t it be helpful, after all, to have in hand a plan that easily and succinctly dictates how often you should exercise, which exercises you should do, how much food you should eat, and what types of foods are best for you, etc.?

The difficult part? You won’t have these answers or a “more perfect plan” until you understand your metabolism. Everyone’s metabolism is remarkably different, and what works for one individual may be detrimental to another. 

In order to have certainty that a plan is right for you versus guessing it might be, you need to know more about your metabolism. Until you’re truly healthy on the inside, you can’t look or feel your healthiest on the outside. Because you can’t see those inner dimensions of health, they must be measured. By knowing more about how your body functions, you’ll be able to more perfectly nourish and move your body to get the results you seek, making the most of your time and efforts.


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How to Optimize Exercise for Better Body Composition

Transforming your body is no easy task. The food shopping, meal prep, meal timing and food tracking can be more tiresome than the workouts for many – not to mention the right supplements, strict sleep habits, and careful avoidance of tempting social pressures. 

But what about those workouts? 

Raise your hand if you’re exercising regularly but seeing little or no changes in your body composition. Let me tell you that I’ve been there too. 

No doubt, achieving and maintaining optimal body composition is a huge endeavor. It requires walking that fine line between metabolic and mechanical stress (appropriately challenging workouts) and adequate recovery (nourishment, rest and recovery activity). 

The major positive here is you’ve already got time set aside for exercise. That’s often half the battle. Now let’s talk about optimizing your gym time - and your body comp transformation!


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How a Nutrient-Dense Diet Fights Fat 

While blasting calories away at the gym does help offset some of what we consume, it’s not the primary answer to fighting fat. 

Ask any of our most successful clients, and they will all simultaneously tell you proper nutrition is the ticket. 

Have you not quite bought into that approach? Read on to see just how this model is possible. 

Still skeptical? Try making these shifts in your diet for just 30 days (Heck, even 10 days!), and see how your life (and pant size) changes.


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7 Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss

The physical principles behind fat loss are relatively simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy journey!

For one, many people think they’re making healthy food choices when actually their selections often sabotage their hard work the rest of the day.

When it comes to diet, going against the grain is often the most successful strategy. Our culture’s most popular foods and drinks are many times our worst weight management enemies.

How does your everyday diet shake out? Read on to see if any of your daily choices (past or current) make the list!


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Belly Fat Deconstructed

There’s certainly not a shortage of attention devoted to our midsection weight gain. Have you ever Googled the term “belly fat”? The search gets forty-five million hits in under three tenths of a second!

What exactly is belly fat? Is it the same as fat in the rest of the body, my clients ask, or is it different? Why does it seem easier to gain and harder to lose?

Read on to learn the truth and the risks of abdominal fat - as well as the best strategies for midsection fat loss.


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Top 7 Tips a Weight Loss Coach Would Tell You

What would happen if you gathered a group of nutrition, fitness and weight loss experts together and asked them for their most essential tips?

Together they've guided thousands of people through their weight loss and transformation journeys. They've witnessed the ups and downs of the process. They've tested "book knowledge" against real results. What do you think they've learned along the way? 

Join seven of our Flourish writers as they share their best strategies for maximizing your success around nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and motivation!

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Making the Body a Better Fat Burner: An Introduction

In the battle for weight loss, calorie counting is one of the most popular methods, but it's not the only element (or even the most effective strategy) for achieving successful weight loss.

The fact is, a variety of physical and lifestyle factors influence the body’s ability to shed excess body fat. This begs the million dollar question: what are those conditions that encourage the body to burn fat over carbohydrates - and thereby allow us to shift our body composition?

Over a series of articles, we’ll look at the many ways we can positively or negatively impact our ability to burn fat and shed extra weight.

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