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How to Eat More Healthy Fats

How’s your fat intake these days? 

Are you getting enough? (Probably not a question you hear very often…)

Fat might be the most misunderstood and misrepresented nutrients of all time, often reduced or even cut out completely when people are trying to “shed” body fat or eat “more healthily,” according to that old and erroneous low-fat paradigm.

Given this misdirected fat phobia, healthy fat is one of my favorite topics for discussion with clients. It’s not only essential for our overall health and mood, but it’s downright critical for our metabolism.

Fat matters when you’re trying to lose fat! Let’s talk how-to tips for boosting this essential nutrient and giving your body the healthy fat it needs!


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Fat Head Movie Review

Recently, thousands of 90-Day Challenge participants gathered for our very first Try-It Tuesday Nutrition Theatre event. We watched the hilarious nutrition documentary, Fat Head.  This film is not only one of the most entertaining in its genre, but also absolutely one of the best depictions on how so much of we’ve been told regarding obesity and healthy eating is false.  The film was directed by Tom Naughton, a writer, comedian, and blogger. In case you weren’t able to join us, below are just a few of our favorite lessons learned from Tom Naughton’s.  But there are many more, so to get the whole story make sure you rent or buy it for yourself! 

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Cholesterol, Health and Heart Disease

For decades, sound bites on the news, daytime television and mainstream magazines have warned us of the dangers of fat and cholesterol. When it comes to our heart health and risk of future disease, we’re often told:

  • High cholesterol is a sure sign heart disease is right around the corner
  • We should limit or eliminate dietary cholesterol to lower our blood cholesterol levels
  • Fat, especially saturated fat, should be avoided because it can clog our arteries
  • When diet and exercise don’t bring cholesterol levels to a “healthy” level, statins should be prescribed (or they’re prescribed before focusing on diet and lifestyle changes)
  • Whole grains should be increased in the diet to help reduce cholesterol levels, which will lower heart disease risk

Though these all seem logical based on what we’ve been told about fat, cholesterol and heart disease, thorough reviews of the research from the past several decades shows the statements above are not true. If the above advice doesn’t improve health, could it possibly increase the chance of disease?

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The Healthy Way of Life Food Pyramid - Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we looked at what is most important in building a solid nutrition foundation. Throughout the LifeTime WeightLoss website, you’ll find information on what happens when people over-consume carbohydrates, when they eat too much trans fat, and the reality of the Standard American Diet (SAD). We talk about pasture-raised and grass-fed versus conventionally raised animal foods. We tackle processed foods and environmental toxins.

Each of these topics is interesting, but often people miss the forest for the trees. Before you zero in on whether the food you’re eating comes from the perfect source,

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6 Healthy High-Fat Foods

The term “high-fat foods” means different things to different people. We often hear “experts” talk about high-fat diets as used by the average American. These “high-fat diets” also include an excessive amount of sugar, especially fructose, and other processed carbohydrates. The average American’s diet also includes the fat and protein found in processed meats, cheeses, spreads and sauces.

The six “healthy high-fat foods” listed below are healthy in the context of a healthy diet, but before you load up on these six foods, check the rest of your diet and get rid of some of the junk. When a diet is free of

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What’s the Trouble with Trans Fats?

Planning to eat better next year? With the holidays in full swing, New Years’ resolutions will soon be spinning in our heads. But what better way to get a jump on things than to start paying attention to what’s going in your mouth today. Over the next several weeks, we’ll highlight unique food additives or ingredients that should never hit your tongue. This week, we’re talking all about trans fats and how to...

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Fat, Carbs and Cardiovascular Disease

If you were to ask the average person what causes heart disease, he or she would probably say dietary fat. Though fat has been vindicated through many different studies, it is still common for people to have the impression that dietary fat is unhealthy. We’ve discussed how dietary fat has been unnecessarily vilified for decades in previous articles, such as Saturated Fat: Wrongfully Accused, Cholesterol Gets a Bum Rap, and Myth Busting: Fat. A new research review from The Netherlands Journal of Medicine sheds more light on the confusion surrounding dietary fat, especially saturated fat, carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease. In many ways, Europe tends to be more progressive around nutrition, supplementation and drug therapy. Hopefully a review such as this one will pave the way for similar messages here in the United States in the near future.

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