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The Best (and Worst) Eating Trends of 2016

Every year has them: Food fads and trends that emerge (or re-emerge) into our social feeds, conversations with loved ones or friends or on the menu at our favorite diner or restaurant.

As a food and nutrition professional, I love food trends. They get me excited about eating and become great conversations with clients looking for help to navigate through them.


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The Psychology of Deprivation

I always cringe when I hear about people attempting to lose weight through deprivation strategies. 

It’s in part the food lover in me that hates to see people deprive themselves unnecessarily, but it’s also the registered dietitian who has seen this method destroy the metabolic health of too many people.

Sure, everyone knows someone who’s done it – followed a 1200-calorie diet plan and lost weight. Heck, most of my clients have tried it, which is often why they’re coming to see me: that same old strategy isn’t working this time! 

So, what are the shortcomings of the denial approach to weight loss? Let’s unpack the physical and motivational failings of the typical deprivation diet.


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