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6 Ways to Use Your Excuses 

No lie: as I sit down to write this article, the tag on my green tea bag reads, “You can go amazing places when you quit stepping on the brakes.”

How fitting... Making excuses without learning from them is a whole lot like stepping on the brakes.

Let's be honest. Excuses are like armpits. Everybody’s got them, and they generally stink. I’ve heard them, seen them, and even made them. Yet, nothing stops success quicker than a case of the excuses.

The sooner you acknowledge the natural human proclivity toward justification and stop your excuses from stalling your success, the sooner you can turn your attention to celebrating your accomplishments.


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7 Mental Hurdles for Beginning a Weight Loss Program

It can take a lot for someone to walk through our doors for the first time, a lot to approach the dietitian and fitness professionals’ desk, a lot to venture a major lifestyle change. I’ve seen it.

I know the looks on people’s faces when they’re lost in the weight training areas, when they’re surveying the products on the shelves with questions they’re not ready to ask yet, when they’re moving around the club wondering if anyone in that room feels like they do right now.

And I imagine them at home looking in the refrigerator or at the grocery store deliberating whether they’ll resist making the same unhealthy choices or attempt something new.


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7 Tips for Fitness Motivation

Maybe you're just getting started on your fitness expedition - or looking for some insight on how to kickstart a new level or renewed commitment?

In any health and fitness journey, there are a few key factors that contribute significantly to our success in the long run, but we may not know which practices they are right away.

Some of us start off impressively strong, (probably too strong) and fizzle out quickly due to lack of proper planning. Others start rather willy-nilly and never get enough of a spark to achieve the results they want to see.

Whatever boat you're in, see which of these points speak to you, and use their messages to spur your success!


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You Are Your Greatest Obstacle

Pursuing a healthy way of life is no easy task, especially if it hasn’t been a priority for much of your life.

As you start treading down the path toward health, undoubtedly the biggest obstacle you will encounter is yourself.

Of the 10+ years I’ve been with Life Time, the majority of them were working in the club as a personal trainer or in some type of personal training management. During that time, I did hundreds, if not thousands, of consultations. I’d talk about goals and obstacles and action plans with those who were ready to take their first steps toward health.

As I spoke to individuals about their way forward, some people were excited and ready to go. Not everyone though. For those who weren’t eager to start on their healthy way of life journey, I was often met with one of three reactions. In some shape or form, they would tell me one of three messages: “I won’t,” “I can’t,” or “I’m afraid to try.”


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Weight Loss Lies We Tell Ourselves

On the way to weight loss (or in the midst of it!), we often find ourselves tripped up by the mental games we tend to play. For some of us, it’s the insecure emotional messages that sabotage us. For others, it’s the mental tricks we engage in that hold us back from facing full reality about our situations (or our daily habits). Finally, there are those common misguided justifications that can sidetrack us for longer than we’d care to admit – and even keep us from getting out of the starting gate. The best remedy? We can come clean about the excuses we use and the lies we tell ourselves that hold us back from the success we deserve. Do any of these six sound familiar to you? Read on and consider what rationalizations have been part of your journey.



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