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A Trainers Top 3 Tips for 5k Prep

Do you ever feel defeated when your fitness goals are measured solely by the number on the scale or the image in the mirror? Me too.

If your main health and wellness goal is weight-related, sooner or later your results will fail to match your expectations, and it can be damaging to mental momentum. For this reason, I urge my clients to choose a variety of indicators to measure progress.

When was the last time you celebrated your progress using a benchmark fitness assessment? One of the benchmark fitness “tests” I suggest for clients is a 5k walk or run. It’s short enough to be approachable, but long enough to be a true test of strength, speed and endurance. Plus, 5k events are extremely common throughout the year and often benefit charitable causes.

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No More Endurance Training Cramps

As a nutrition professional advising athletes on what and when to eat, it is very easy to go overboard with advice. This information overload, whether a client is ready and eager for it or not, is a great way to make people less likely to make the right changes. Instructing a person to change several things about their eating habits and educating them on why they should change places an unnecessary amount of pressure on them. The result is often a continuation of their current habits because the new ways felt so unnatural. 

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Q&A: How much cardio is too much?

Tom, I want to start off by saying how much I enjoy reading all of the useful feedback and tips you provide Life Time readers!! Are there upper limits on how much cardio one should do when combined with a strength training program? Perhaps I could see it in a post at some point? Thanks!!! Staci

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Commitment Day: The Nutrition Connection

On February 12, thousands of Life Time members will register for a number of 2011 athletic events — some for the first time. Many will commit to changing their lives at the same time. Are you in?

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Running or Weight Loss Versus Running FOR Weight Loss

Now that the weather’s been warm for the past couple of months in most of the U.S., running season is in full-swing. The appeal of being active outdoors is almost instinctual after being indoors for much of the winter months. For many people, the enthusiasm for being outdoors, plus the desire to lose weight makes running a common choice of exercise. For those trying to lose significant amounts of weight – 30, 50, or more pounds – is picking up a new pair of shoes and hitting the pavement the best choice of exercise for weight loss?

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Caffeine and Sports Performance

The International Society of Sports Nutrition released its position statement on caffeine and sports performance last week. The position statement, which is 43 pages, is a complete review and well-worth reading in its entirety. Caffeine use tends to be surrounded by misconceptions and exaggerations...

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