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10 Ways to Bust out of a Rut


Here’s the thing.  The fitness journey can feel monotonous.  And generally speaking – it really is because you continuously are sending your body the same signals (eating healthy, working out, sleeping, etc) over and over.  As fitness pros – we feel you.  Eventually we can tire of the same exercise circuit or meal lineup.  But, simple tweaks in our weekly routines can have the power to stir up new enthusiasm and even push us to the next level in terms of physical change, metabolic function and mental game. At the end of the day, we want you to avoid any inkling to throw in towel or fall off track.  So it’s important to have a list of go-tos in those instances you feel like you’re in a rut.

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8 Insights into the Emotional Journey of Weight Loss

Weight loss journeys tend to be emotional endeavors. Even more than the physical barriers and logistical obstacles we deal with, our emotional patterns or reactions can be the hardest to overcome. I’ve seen this happen over and again, whether client’s emotions buoy them in tough times, slow down their journeys or completely sabotage them. Whatever the case, when I meet with a client to map out his/her weight loss program, we not only come up with new goals and behavior changes but also identify what “emotional homework” may need to happen on the backend. Below are 8 common insights my clients experience in their weight loss journeys and suggestions for steering these realizations toward further success. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or somewhere in the middle of it, each can help you reflect on your own emotional experience and help prep you for experiences to come. 

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