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10 Unexpected Truths of a Transformation Journey

Maybe these questions look familiar to you.

  • "What would a Transformation Challenge mean for my life?"
  • "How much change would I see?"
  • "What kind of support would I get?"
  • "What would I achieve that I never thought possible?"
  • "And what would my 'after' photo look like???"

While we all have an interest in getting healthier, sometimes life offers opportunities to dramatically propel us forward in our journeys!

We’re given the chance to experience something greater than we ourselves would necessarily pursue on our own. We’re given a chance to tap into a bigger collective energy and motivational momentum than we could conjure alone. The 90-Day Challenge is one of these opportunities....


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What’s Different about 100lbs+ Weight Loss

Would you have what it takes to persevere through this extraordinary a weight loss journey?

Does the number of pounds we lose merely translate into added time, or is there something more to the experience?

While anyone who’s lost weight can identify with the personal commitment, the physical challenges and the mental roller coaster of the process, I’ve worked with clients who have achieved this remarkable feat. Over time, I’ve learned that their journeys tend to take on additional dimensions - unique features that figure more prominently into what one client called the “storyline” of his experience. Are you looking to lose 100+ pounds? Are you supporting someone who is? No matter what your weight loss goal, read on to learn more about the factors (and insights!) that figure into major weight loss journeys.


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The Hardest (and Happiest) Conversations of Weight Loss Coaching

“I know what to do, but I just don’t do it.” I would estimate that 9 out of 10 clients start their weight loss coaching journeys with this self-blaming perspective. The common over-simplification too often responds to the mistaken “eat less, move more” approach to weight management, which we know isn’t correct. Once we get past the initial discussions about "what" to do (e.g. embracing the Healthy Way of Eating), the more salient and tricky question becomes, “Why don’t I do it?” I have had the honor of having hundreds of people allow me to be a part of their transformation journeys. As we start addressing the “why” together, perspectives change, and the conversations take on a different tone. In the midst of talking about societal trends, family patterns, personal habits, lifestyle influences, and hormonal issues, we inevitably encounter emotional highs and lows. Below are some of the most common positive and difficult discussions I encounter with my clients in their journeys.

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