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Deviled Egg Dip

Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect high-protein, on-the-go snack. That said, we might need to spice them up once in a while for variety.

This deviled egg dip is a favorite in our Life Cafe, and now you can enjoy it at home, at work or on the run!

Deviled Egg Dip

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Yield: 6-8 servings 


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Healthy Kitchen: Portable Egg Cups

Growing up, I always thought eggs were reserved for special occasions only—whether at a restaurant with my grandparents or at baptism brunches. 

Add to this the fact that eggs had, at one time, come under considerable fire for their high cholesterol content (we’ll address that in a moment). It was enough to make me reserve eggs for an occasional breakfast food only. However, with so many health benefits associated with the consumption of eggs, we should be eating them frequently.


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Help, I have an Egg Allergy!

Aversions, sensitivities and allergies to eggs are on the high rise!  In fact, at Life Time we offer a food sensitivity test and our top food culprit continues to be the incredible, edible egg.  And why wouldn’t it be?  The egg is one of the most recommended high-protein, breakfast foods and is used as an ingredient in just about every baked good or processed food.  With our environmentally changing guts and overexposure to certain foods, many of us are developing sensitivities or even full blown allergies to this food.  If this isn’t you, consider yourself lucky!  But for my clients and members who have been instructed to avoid eggs due to sensitivity, allergy or elimination diet, read on below to learn your top five concerns answered!

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Try-It Tuesday: Batch Cooking

For this Try-it Tuesday, give batch cooking a try! Not only can cooking in batches make your food choices healthier and give you more control, but it can also streamline the time you spend in the kitchen each week!

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Get Cracking! There are Many Benefits to Eggs

Disparaged for decades, these little bundles of high protein and amazing antioxidants are making a comeback. Even the most cholesterol-conscious eaters can enjoy an array of health benefits from eggs — yolks included.

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