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Happiness Series, Part 2: The Exercise-Happiness Connection

We’ve probably all been there at some point.

We’re crabby and tired. It’s been a less than stellar day. We’re tempted to skip the gym and stay home to nurse our inner grouch instead.

Still, in spite of our bad attitudes, we convince ourselves to go, and the resulting workout remakes our mood - and our evening.

Alternatively, we have to miss our workout one morning because of an early meeting or a sick child, and suddenly by noon we notice an unusual agitation getting the better of us.

It’s all part of the inherent and powerful connection between exercise and mood. 


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The Three As of Intensity: Active, Aerobic and Anaerobic

If you’re like the average American, you probably consider yourself an “active” individual. In fact, 2 out of 3 people claim that.

In actuality, however, only about 5% truly fit that label.

Contrary to what most people would think, it’s not just about how many times we hit the gym each week or even what we do when we’re there.

Being active is about movement as well as exercise. It’s the total sum of our activity - in other words, how much time we’re not sedentary.

Once we’ve understood this general principle, we can look at the three intensity levels of our total sum activity: Active, Aerobic and Anaerobic. While all are critical for our health, each creates distinctive changes in the body’s metabolism. When we understand how each of these intensity levels affects us, we can make better choices about our movement and exercise priorities.

Let’s break down these intensity level categories for a better look at their specific characteristics and impact.


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7 Surprising Ways Exercise Changes You

More than a key component of weight loss success, exercise has the power to change everything from our metabolic functioning to our daily mood. Our bodies were made to move, and the advantages of daily activity extend far beyond the eventual image in an "after" photo. In fact, you'll begin reaping the benefits today! If you're looking for further inspiration to maintain your workout routine (or get started in one), check out these 7 ways exercise can enhance your wellbeing.


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8 Ways Exercise Fights Aging 

We all exercise for different reasons: better health, more energy, better appearance. Did you know one of the best reasons to engage in regular exercise is the ability to dial back the physiological clock? Stiffness in the morning, decreased strength and stamina, chronic aches and pains, and all of the other perceived “symptoms” of aging can be minimized or avoided with the help of good fitness throughout our lifetimes. Ironically enough, as we get older many of us become more inactive during a time where we need it the most. If you find yourself looking for creative ways to fend off the effects of aging, be sure to include exercise in your daily routine, and check out the following eight ways exercise can fight aging!


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