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3 Packable Protein Shakes

We love the ease of a protein shake, how long we feel satisfied and the way it curbs our cravings. But when you’re on the go or traveling, it’s not always easy — especially when you don’t have access to a blender. That’s why our current obsession is blender bottle shakes. They are so easy to make and take when you’re on the go, even on a vacay or a work trip. Plus, no blender clean-up, which is a bonus in our book.

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Vacation Time: How to Stay on Track

Vacation - we look forward to the chance for travel and rest, but our plans may throw our healthy routines for a loop.

Whether it's eating on the road or fitting in exercise, we're challenged to transfer our good intentions to new places, schedules and circumstances.

How can we maximize the advantages of our time away without forgoing our healthy momentum? Read on for eight ideas that can help you maintain your program while making the most of your R&R.


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Healthy Eating on the Road

It's the prime time of year for hitting the road in search of great vacation vistas and much needed R&R. As vital as vacations are for our mental well-being, however, many of us find ourselves compromising on nutrition when we travel.

Being away from our routines (and our own kitchens!) can throw our weight loss efforts for a loop. Eating on the road - with its limited time and restaurant choices - is often the hardest part of keeping the commitment to a healthy diet.

The good news is, however, you don't have to lose your healthy habits at the next exit. Let's look at some ways to maintain a healthy way of eating when you head out on your next trip.


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