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Delectable Ways to Enjoy Fall Veggies

The weather is cooler, leaves are changing color, and pumpkin-spiced everything is gracing supermarket shelves. It must be fall!

Fall food is known for being comforting. That said, before you start day-dreaming  about favorite decadent fall treats, let’s think about some healthier autumn delicacies - fall vegetables! 

Fall vegetables are some of the most versatile and nutritious veggies around. They are packed full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and FLAVOR.

Check out these 8 great ideas for enjoying the fall harvest in your healthy way of eating!


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How to Eat More Vegetables

Question of the day: are you eating enough vegetables? 

If you’re like the average American, you aren’t.  Truth be told, most people even know they fall short of the daily recommendations!

The results are serious business, however.

When you shortchange your diet on vegetables, you’re missing out on a host of different vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have a dramatic impact on your metabolism and overall health.

With spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to reconsider your intake. Not only does the beginning of spring get us thinking about new goals, but it’s the perfect time to begin taking advantage of the spring and summer harvests ahead.  


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Ultimate Guide to Greens

Truth time: how many greens do you get in your daily diet? 

I'll venture a guess and say that many of us grew up with either very limited exposure to true greens or with dishes that didn't appeal to our childhood taste. 

Fast forward to today, and too many of us are missing out on the hefty nutritional advantages and unappreciated flavor we can gain from going a little greener. Not only are these leafy-greens low in calories, but they provide a slew of health benefits. All this said, how do we choose from the abundant variety? What are the differences, and how can we best prepare each type? See below for my top recommendations along with cooking and serving suggestions!


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Recipe Round-up: Late Spring Veggies 

While mid-summer bounty garners the most attention, late spring delivers plenty of tasty, nutrient-dense vegetables we can incorporate into our healthy way of eating. These months deliver the first tempting crops of greens, herbs, onions and other “early” veggies. While these days we certainly have the luxury of never being limited to what's in season locally, eating seasonally can encourage us to experiment with new foods - particularly with produce. Whether you're looking to up your veggie intake or interested in trying out more seasonal fare, check out this four-course, spring-oriented menu - from soup to (pine) nuts. 


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8 Ways to Up Your Veggie Intake

For optimum health, we need nature’s most nutritionally dense foods. The vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients found in vegetables are critical for metabolic efficiency, mental well-being and overall health. That said, vegetables can be the hardest part of healthy eating to integrate. We might not have experience  with the variety of produce available to us or recipes to maximize their flavor. Expanding your palate can be an adventure, but it does take some commitment. The added effort will be worth it, however, when you realize you’ve made your Healthy Way of Eating (and weight loss) journey that much easier and more enjoyable. Check out these ten tips for meeting your healthy half-plate goal.

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Super Summer Salads

With the opportunity to work in multiple vegetables, proteins and good fats, salads are a perfect mainstay for the Healthy Way of Eating. Yet, many of my clients get frustrated with the same salad routines for lunch or dinner each day. Given all the endless combinations a little creativity can inspire, there's no need to get stuck in a salad rut! Take your salad creations to the next level with a variety of flavors, textures, and nutrients with a few suggestions (and photos!) below. They'll have you looking forward to tomorrow's lunch! 

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