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Super Bowl Sunday for the Health Enthusiast

The Super Bowl is almost here, which means food, fun and football for most Americans. It’s a day when so many of us gather excitedly around the T.V.—and the snack buffet. Yet, the big day doesn’t have to be the undoing of all your healthy habits. Want some coaching on how to enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday without leaving your good intentions on the sidelines? Read on for your how-to guide and be sure to share your own tips for being Sunday’s health enthusiast MVP.

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Dining Out: Do Your Homework

Even though people are dining out today less often than in the past, according to a recent Zagat survey, the average person still eats out 3.2 times per week (previous statistics were 3.3 times per week). While it can be easier to cook a healthy meal at home, knowing what all of the ingredients are, it's still quite possible to eat well at a restaurant as long as you do some investigating before going out. Most restaurant websites have the nutrition information for their menus. Waiting until you get there is a recipe for disaster...

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