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Gut health and its impact on your metabolism 

Gut health continues to be on the forefront of conversation, and rightly so considering its growing correlation to the functionality of almost every system in the body. While many are aware of the buzz gut health has created, of the estimated 60-70 million people who are affected by digestive diseases in the U.S., a large majority of people in this group continue to go undiagnosed. If you’ve become accustomed to indigestion, poor energy, immune health, bloating, stubborn weight loss, skin problems, inconsistent bowel patterns and mood issues as a regular part of life, there’s a chance your digestion is at the root of the problem. If gone unchecked, it can manifest into a slow-moving metabolism, hormonal imbalance, difficulty losing body fat and other health issues.

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The Real Scoop on Fiber

Fiber is a common buzzword within the food industry these days, but it’s difficult to know what is healthy truth versus marketing tactic. What is fiber exactly? What foods contain the most? How much do I need? How should it influence my dietary choices - and grocery list? With the addition of fiber to your daily routine, the common rollercoaster of energy as well as hunger peaks and valleys can be a thing of the past. It can enhance your digestive regularity and overall health, but it’s important to know the best ways to incorporate fiber in your Healthy Way of Eating to get the most benefit. Read on for a fiber primer and all the facts you need to make healthy fiber choices.


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Life Time Weight Loss Interview | Dr. William Davis - Wheat Belly

Dr. William Davis was gracious enough to accept some interview questions, and as you’ll see below, certainly provided some thoughtful responses to the questions I posed. I ordered Wheat Belly shortly after it became available in the Kindle store and had a hard time putting it down. As someone who dealt with daily hip pain for years, until I removed wheat from my diet in 2009, the book certainly peaked my interest. With friends and family members dealing with heart disease, insulin resistance, arthritis, degenerative nervous system diseases, digestive problems and more, reading Dr. Davis’ book is worthwhile. Knowing something and doing something about it are two different things, though. There’s nothing to lose by giving up wheat (although that means a 100% commitment every day if you’re going to notice a difference), and possibly much to gain. Consider Dr. Davis’ point of view below. Order his book or check out his website for more information, and of course, keep the conversation going below in the comments section after reading the rest of this interview. Enjoy!

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Lab Lesson: 24 Food Allergy Test

The 24 Food Allergy blood test determines the body’s delayed immune response to 24 of the most common food allergens: chicken, pork, egg, haddock, lamb, shrimp, soybean, cow’s milk, blue cheese, corn, tomato, green bean, onions, white potato, wheat, rye, oat, peanut, chocolate, sugar, coffee, chili pepper, bakers & brewers yeast. It measures the...

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FastFuel Complete | Not Your Average Meal Replacement

I love real food. I recommend people eat real food as much as possible. That said, there are times when a protein shake is a fantastic option. However, just like with food options, there is a variety of quality when it comes to meal replacements. That’s why a lot of thought went into the development of FastFuel Complete. We first began offering FastFuel Complete a couple years ago and have tweaked and improved it during that time to arrive today at what we feel is a superior, great-tasting, complete protein powder/meal replacement powder. Each of the major components were specifically chosen to provide unique health benefits in an easy to mix powder. The following sections outline what makes FastFuel Complete so…complete, whether your goal is weight management, performance enhancement or vitality & health.

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Supplement Spotlight: Bio-Gest

Bio-Gest ® is a comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes which assist in nutrient digestion, absorption, and use as fuel for our bodies. It is a blend of hydrochloric acid (HCL), pancreatin, pepsin, and ox bile. HCL is in essence...

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Miserable from Allergies?

Do you regularly experience itchy eyes, a stuffy nose and phlegm-filled throat? At this time of year, these symptoms are about as prevalent to Americans as fantasy football. Allergies seem to be on the rise, and if you are like most individuals, you’ve probably dabbled in some of the drugs and sprays geared towards decreasing these symptoms. But many of us don’t find relief from these treatments, because we’ve...

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