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Healthy Halloween!

It’s officially that time of year. Halloween kicks off a good four months of holiday fun--running the hectic course from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s to Valentine’s Day. It may be a kid’s paradise, but it’s a scary time for my clients who worry about the constant diversions that can derail their weight loss program. Although temptations will abound, I assure them there are plenty of ways to stay the course while enjoying this festive time of year. A little creativity and careful forethought go a long way in these months. Whether you’ll be taking the kids out or just handing out to the neighborhood children, there are plenty of ways to keep the time less sugar-bound. To officially kick off the holiday season, check out these tips to celebrate a Happy Halloween all while maintaining your healthy way of life!

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Q&A: How do I survive the holidays? (6 tips for happy, healthy holidays)

Hi Tom The holidays are almost here, and while I get excited about this time of year every year, I also get a bit nervous because each year it seems like I gain weight, I eat food I know I shouldn't, and I generally feel worn out. I know January will be here soon and I seem to bounce back all right, but I was hoping you could offer some advice for me to make it through the holidays without having my health sidetracked. -- Anonymous

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