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15 Food Substitutions That Fight Fat!

"I want to transform my body, but how do I go about transforming my diet to get there?"

It's the million dollar question among those looking for fat loss. 

In shifting our diets, we'll over time add healthier choices to our snack and meal lineups, but you'd be surprised at how close we can come to many of our former favorites. 

Enter the art of strategic substitution....

Check out these 15 better (but tasty!) alternatives to incorporate into your personal Healthy Way of Eating plan.


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6 Tips If You Ate Too Much

From holiday parties to family dinners, there are plenty of opportunities to go overboard this time of year. 

Ideally, we'd effortlessly stay the course all season, but that's not always reality. The question then becomes, "Now what?"

Our best response to overindulgence is two-fold. We address the emotions that may come up, perhaps more so for some of us than others. Second, we take care of ourselves physically to feel better and get back on plan.  

See what 6 recommendations I offer my clients when they realize they've overeaten.


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