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Common Nutrition Advice Debunked 

In today’s world, news headlines, a simple Google search or self-proclaimed social media “health experts” have been deemed royalty when it comes to influencing our beliefs and opinions on all things health, wellness and nutrition. The multitude of sources and voices claiming they’ve uncovered the next best thing in nutrition can be both exhilarating, yet overwhelming. These waves of health trends can often cause us to question our own approach to nutrition and spur us into making a whirlwind of drastic changes to our eating and fitness routines.

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How Poor Body Image Holds Us Back

Quick: what’s your usual first thought when you look in the mirror?

How about when you need to shop for a new outfit for that special event or (brace yourself) a new bathing suit for that trip to the beach?

If you find your gut reaction to be anxiety, self-ridicule or embarrassment rather than excitement for your day, event or vacation, there’s a chance that a poor body image is holding you back from weight loss success (not to mention from fully enjoying your life!).

The way we look and feel about ourselves plays a central part in our healthy way of life journey.


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6 Reasons the “Diet” Mentality Fails 

Millions of Americans will start a diet this month. More than a common resolution, however, weight loss is a cultural activity and even its own financial industry in the U.S. With all the diet programs out there, the media attention paid to dieting and the collective focus on it every New Year (and throughout the year!), it’s easy to wonder why so many continue to struggle with weight management issues. One key factor is the concept of “dieting” itself. How does it sabotage our success, and how do we move beyond the deprivation dieting model? Below are six ways the “diet mentality” fails along with strategies for a better health and weight loss approach. 


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