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Which diet is best for you?

We’re delving into the topic of lifestyle diets because we had quite a few requests from our last survey. As nutrition professionals, we get the confusion; there are so many diet trends out there, right?

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Should You Eat More Fat?

The human body is amazing.

If you step back and consider everything it’s capable of, you can’t help but be awestruck by our remarkable ability to survive and even thrive on a wide variety of dietary patterns: low-carb, high-carb, high-protein, etc.

We all know someone who seems to be able to eat whatever they wish without any unwanted consequences, while others seem to gain weight by simply smelling a buffet or watching a candy commercial.

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The Psychology of Deprivation

I always cringe when I hear about people attempting to lose weight through deprivation strategies. 

It’s in part the food lover in me that hates to see people deprive themselves unnecessarily, but it’s also the registered dietitian who has seen this method destroy the metabolic health of too many people.

Sure, everyone knows someone who’s done it – followed a 1200-calorie diet plan and lost weight. Heck, most of my clients have tried it, which is often why they’re coming to see me: that same old strategy isn’t working this time! 

So, what are the shortcomings of the denial approach to weight loss? Let’s unpack the physical and motivational failings of the typical deprivation diet.


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Healthy Eating Etiquette: Handling Naysayers 

Let’s face it. When we make a major lifestyle change, not everyone around us makes that same shift - or even appreciates our change. 

They might consider it unnecessary or contrary to their understanding of healthy eating. And sometimes they let you know it.

As personal as food choices can be to us, casual acquaintances or even complete strangers might feel obliged to offer their own testimonies or recommendations. It’s human nature to be curious, but when advice is unsolicited it can seem abrasive, challenging or offensive. 

Above all, it puts pressure on us - innocent eaters who are just trying to stick with our goals - to field these suggestions while not exacerbating the situation. 

When it comes to these awkward social exchanges, how do we avoid feeding their judgment about how we feed ourselves?


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How Dietary Fat Helps You Lose Body Fat

Are you eating enough healthy fat? Losing body fat is a tricky dance that involves creating a slight but consistent energy deficit while achieving more adequate intake of nutrients to maintain or increase metabolic rate – all while controlling hunger and willpower in an unfriendly food world. It’s a choreography that many try but few truly master. If only they used more butter… Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s take apart what really happens when we incorporate more healthy fats into our diets and why it becomes easier to shed the body fat we want to lose.


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