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Is Flexible Dieting Right for You?

The last time I checked, #FlexibleDieting resulted in over 3 million posts on a popular social media channel. The top nine included four gym selfies, one bathroom-mirror selfie, a girl in a giant hat posing poolside in her bikini, and only three pictures of “food,” which consisted of: a bag of pecan pie–flavored chocolate candies, a jumbo-sized chocolate-covered wafer cookie, and something called “grilled-cheese pizza” — 24-inch-long slices of pizza with cheese baked both into and on top the crust (because why not?). If you’ve come across this popular concept online, it’s easy to wonder: what’s the deal with Flexible Dieting among such seemingly opposite imagery?

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Which Comes First - Diet or Exercise?

It’s a chicken-egg kind of question for many people. Diet or exercise: which is the bigger priority to initially tackle? Will one be a logical gateway to the other?

Some people imagine their unhealthy eating habits stand in the way of having enough energy to exercise. Maybe if they could “diet” to lose weight first, workouts would be easier.

On the other hand, some people believe the mental and physical “boost” offered by exercise is the easier “sell” and will encourage them over time to invest in healthier eating.

In the midst of the inner debate, what does real world experience suggest? To boot, what does research actually have to say about the question?


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6 Reasons the “Diet” Mentality Fails 

Millions of Americans will start a diet this month. More than a common resolution, however, weight loss is a cultural activity and even its own financial industry in the U.S. With all the diet programs out there, the media attention paid to dieting and the collective focus on it every New Year (and throughout the year!), it’s easy to wonder why so many continue to struggle with weight management issues. One key factor is the concept of “dieting” itself. How does it sabotage our success, and how do we move beyond the deprivation dieting model? Below are six ways the “diet mentality” fails along with strategies for a better health and weight loss approach. 


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"Healthy" Happy Hour Tips

Written by Anika DeCoster – Asst. Program Manager, LifeTime WeightLoss

It’s officially that time of year.  Outdoor patios at restaurants are opening, the sun is out longer, and my clients are starting to ask more and more, ”Are those after-work cocktails and outings really bad?”  Happy Hours are popular among our culture, whether we feel the need to reward ourselves after an overly stressful workday or just want to catch up with friends.  Whatever the case, at this time of year especially, my clients want to know what they can get away with from that discounted appetizer and beverage menu.  If you are watching your weight, limiting your alcohol or avoiding alcohol altogether might be in your best interest. But if you refuse to give up your social schedule, make sure you follow the tips below so you don’t completely sabotage your waistline.  Read on to learn my top DO’S and DON’TS when it comes to the ubiquitous Happy Hour.

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The Futility of Low-Calorie Diets

Two weeks ago, we reviewed 14 Ways to Get Fatter. Most people aren’t looking to actually gain body fat, but it can sometimes be more powerful to see what you are doing to yourself and the impact it can have, rather than talk about the things you should do to reverse it. There’s another reason I wanted to get that article out, though. It was to help you understand there are more reasons people gain body fat than gluttony and sloth. Conventional wisdom today still suggests people get fat because they eat too much or they are lazy, but research does not support that point of view.


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Why Meal Plans Don't Work

Written by Anika DeCoster, RD, CPT, CISSN - Assistant Program Manager - LifeTime WeightLoss

“Can’t you just write me a meal plan?”  As the saying goes, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this during a nutrition consultation I’d be a rich, rich dietitian!  But I’d also be a guilty and not-so-helpful one if I had given in to making those meal plans.  How so?  For most people, meal plans don’t work, and if I’m trying to help someone reach long-term success with their nutrition and reach optimal health, it’s in their best interest to avoid giving them a measly piece of paper outlining exactly what to eat.  Meal plans are solely a tool, and in the event you are preparing for a fitness show, or a quick and small body composition goal, I might write you up something close.  But if you are one of millions trying to figure out how to eat right for your health and/or you have a significant body composition goal, a meal plan can you set up for complete disaster.  Read on to learn my top reasons for why meal plans don’t work and what strategies would be better in place!   

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Big Challenge? Start Small.

Hey, 90-Day Challengers!  We are a few weeks into our 90-Day Challenge and although we might have our heads still wrapped around our ultimate goal, have you given thought to any small changes to get you there? Often, when we start a weight loss competition, many of us will try to tackle any and every obstacle that has had a direct impact on our weight.  And for many of us, this leads to biting off way more than we can chew, often ending in low success or even giving up.  This week’s challenge is to see beyond that and give the idea of small changes a chance! 

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