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The Healthy Way to Detox - Part 1

Spring can feel like the perfect time to start fresh with health goals.

In fact, it's a common time to read about detox regimens that kickstart those efforts.

Not every detoxification regimen, however, is safe or effective. It’s important to not only understand the benefits of detoxification but the ways an individual detox plan can support (or hinder) your body’s own detoxification efforts.

In this three part article series, we'll examine these issues and offer a guide that can help you make the best choices for your detoxification goals.


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What Pilates Can Do for Detoxification

While many of our members understand the benefits of detoxification for health and weight loss, not as many know the key element exercise can play in the detox process and, specifically, how well Pilates serves this purpose. While nutritional choices like eliminating processed and allergenic foods and targeted supplementation options like those in Life Time’s D.TOX Kit can support the body’s natural detox defenses, the functional benefits of Pilates can likewise accelerate toxin release in our systems. Read on to find out how you can enhance your detoxification efforts, receive support through the advantage of Pilates instruction and boost your health and weight related goals!


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Clean Living: Are Your Personal Products Putting You at Risk?

How many personal products did you use this morning? If you’re like the average woman in this country, you applied 12 different beauty products to your body, which equals exposure to 120 different chemicals. If you’re an average American man, you used 6 products and unknowingly applied 80 different chemicals. These chemicals dominate seemingly mundane skin and hair products (e.g. lotions, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc), cosmetics, and toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, etc) - all the basics of the typical American morning routine. Yet, those statistics alone aren’t the scariest part. The fact is, the government doesn’t require safety studies on personal care products. In fact, 89% of the over 10,000 ingredients used in personal products are not evaluated for safety. This means manufacturers can put whatever they want into their products under whatever name they choose. To boot, the law protects “proprietary information,” which allows companies to keep their ingredients “secret.”  If you check your product labels, you will see vague ingredients such as “fragrance,” “parfum,” “natural,” or “emollients.” Why is it so important to know what's in these products? Our bodies inevitably end up inhaling or especially absorbing the toxins when we apply them. Day after day, this can add significantly to our toxin load. The skin, after all, is the body’s largest detox organ. Today, let's explore the most common unhealthy ingredients in personal care products, examine the health impacts of these and share strategies you can use to create a healthier self-care routine.


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Life after D.TOX

If you’re one of the 11,000 individuals who has completed Life Time’s D.TOX program, first let me say congratulations on taking charge of your personal health and wellness! Our participants have experienced amazing results with the 14 day program. They’ve lost impressive amounts of body fat and inches off their waists and hips. They’ve reduced their lipids, glucose and blood pressure and increased their energy levels and sleep quality – just to name a few benefits. Second, I imagine you might be wondering – whether you’re fresh out of the program or several months past your experience – “what now?” Participants I’ve heard from are eager to maintain the benefits they’ve gained and wonder how to make use of the forward momentum the program gave them. Because of their improvements, many chose to continue with the program’s nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations. Others, however, want to know how to transition back to their normal lives without giving up the ground they’ve gained. Today, I’ll share with you tips on how to best apply the lessons learned and momentum attained in a practical “post-D.TOX” life.

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Detox Made Simple: Part 3

In part one of this series on detoxification, I uncovered the common sources of toxins we encounter in our everyday lives and the ways our body naturally detoxifies itself. Last week in part two, I shared how inefficiencies in the body’s capacity to detoxify can negatively impact our weight, body composition, and overall health. Today, I’ll highlight some popular detoxification programs and compare their approaches to Life Time’s very own D.TOX plan. As healthy as detoxification can be, not every regimen is safe and/or effective. I’ll also share the amazing results we found in participants who tested our D.TOX plan and fill you in on how you can get started with your very own D.TOX.

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Detox Made Simple: Part 2

Last week I introduced our detox series with a look at the body’s natural detoxification processes. Today, I’ll discuss how a buildup of toxins can damage our overall health and metabolic balance. I’ll also share ways you can assist your body’s natural defenses to best “keep up” with the incoming load of everyday toxin exposures.

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How to Bring Spring In

Have you caught yourself in a health rut?  This time of year is typical for that.   With the winter behind us, our new-year fitness and health practices may start to get boring, often leading to deviation from our healthy way of life path.  Instead of letting this happen, utilize some spring motivation to spruce up some of those habits.  Spring is all about metamorphosis which makes it the perfect time of year to reassess your current plan and embark on a little change.  Read on for your guide on how to bring spring into your diet, supplement and exercise habits! 

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