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How to Lose a Sweet Tooth

Most of us have been there at some point.

You somehow find yourself barefoot in your kitchen at midnight eating ice cream out of the container. Alternatively, the mid-afternoon energy slump has landed you in front of the vending machine pining for a package of Skittles. And, by the way, is that whole sleeve of cookies really gone?

How is it, despite our most valiant efforts, a sugar craving can so easily break our healthy way of life stride? For some of us, a seemingly minor speed bump turns into a snowball of uncontrollable cravings that may last for days - or even weeks. Too often, what we tell ourselves will be an occasional indulgence becomes, in fact, a daily habit.


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Weight Loss Dilemma: What to Do When You’re Still Hungry

Cravings at odd times, wanting additional helpings, feeling like we could eat again shortly after a full meal - they're all examples of how hunger can throw us for a loop on a weight loss journey. It's a common issue as people transition to a healthy diet, particularly when they're looking to lose body fat. Oftentimes in these cases, we need to adjust our food intake to include more filling but healthy foods and in some cases more calories overall. (Ever wonder why those frozen "weight loss friendly" meals leave you starving half an hour later?) Still, the reasons behind our hunger can be complex. We might be physically hungry, or we may simply be "expecting" hunger based on past eating routines. As we adapt our diets, we also adapt our expectations and approaches to eating. We gradually undo psychological hunger cues and become more attuned to the genuine physiological signals that tell us we need more fuel for our day. While everyone's metabolism differs and personal medical conditions or even stages of weight loss can influence how we should handle hunger, many commonalities exist. Read on for strategies you can use to address hunger issues!


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8 Reasons You May Have Uncontrolled Cravings

See if this sounds familiar. You take on a nutrition and exercise program (dare I say “weight loss” program). You’ve got all kinds of enthusiasm, commitment and diligence going for you. In preparation, you’ve read dozens of blog posts. You’ve consulted with a personal trainer and/or dietitian or nutritionist. You’ve ransacked your cupboards and refrigerator to get rid of all the junk and filled them with Healthy Way of Eating foods. Maybe you’ve even prepared your meals in bulk the night before to save yourself time on that first day. You follow the plan precisely on that first Monday. You fit in a workout and even take supplements. You finish the day filled with a major sense of accomplishment. In fact, you can’t wait to do it again on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, you’re short on pre-planned foods but do your best to make something quick. You stick close to your plan, but it isn’t as perfect. On Friday, you’re feeling good about your first week’s success. You go to lunch with a friend and “treat” yourself. In the moment it sounds okay, but you don’t feel as good that afternoon and maybe give into another off-plan meal for dinner. The weekend comes, and you’re out of the routine. In fact, you fall completely off your plan but make an effort to try again on Monday.

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