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Getting the Most Out of Resistance Training

Many clients come to me with the goal of getting a stronger, better-toned, better-muscled body. These are all outcomes you can see from regular strength training — it can build muscle strength and bone density, and even improve your metabolism. But, strength training shouldn’t be limited to just increasing the amount of weight. If you want a well-rounded routine — that enables you to see full benefits — I recommend additional resistance training progression techniques, too. 

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Strength Training: Total Body vs. Splits

One of the most common questions I have heard in the 20+ years I’ve been in the fitness industry is, “Should I do total-body workouts or training splits (splits for short)?”  It doesn’t matter if it is asked from a fitness enthusiast who has been working out for six months or six-plus years, the question gets asked all the time, so I will answer it in this article.

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Which Type of Strength Training is Best for You?

Summer is over; fall is here. (Unfortunately, sooner than later — especially for people who live in Minnesota).  As the weather starts to cool off, more people will be headed indoors to clubs like Life Time. The indoor atmosphere offers an ideal space to take up resistance training.  But many members shy away from the weights because they don’t have the time, get bored or feel confused about how to maximize resistance-training benefits.

To prevent this from happening, there will be articles each month on how to get the most out of lifting weights.  This first article will discuss what Straight Sets, Pairs (also known as Super Sets) and Circuits are, and the pros/cons of each.

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11 Movements to Avoid Workout-Related Injuries

Many Life Time members love to work out. Unfortunately, some of them experience aches and pains that make workouts less enjoyable. In fact, commonly asked questions I get from members regard how to minimize or eliminate the discomfort they feel while exercising. Because these questions are asked often, this article will explain how a well-designed warm-up and cooldown can make exercises feel better during a workout.

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How To Do A Deadlift The Right Way From A Master Trainer

There are many exercises that walk the fine line between being highly effective and potentially dangerous. One exercise that walks this line is the Deadlift. This short article will go over the following:

  • Benefits of this exercise.
  • Different variations of the Deadlift using a variety of equipment.
  • A detailed description of how to properly perform one of its most popular variations (the Barbell “Conventional Style” Deadlift).
  • The most common form errors of the Conventional Deadlift

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Perfect Your Kettlebell Workout (No Matter Your Fitness Level) 

There are many different pieces of fitness equipment in Life Time facilities. Some of the traditional equipment that members have access to includes Barbells, Dumbbells and various machines (cardiovascular as well as resistance-training options). But as a Personal Trainer, I notice that many members have questions about the more nontraditional equipment, like Suspension Training (e.g., TRX), ViPRs, Kettlebells, Foam Rollers, Stability Balls, BOSUs and Resistance Bands

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Get Better Workout Results Just By Changing Your Breathing

Every couple of years a new exercise, program or piece of equipment — that initially looks odd or strange — becomes a new norm for fitness enthusiasts. 

Take the foam roller, for example. When the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) explained how it could be an important tool to improve range of motion and movement in the early 2000s, the only people who used them initially were NASM Certified Personal Trainers and their clients. Fast-forward 10 years later, and foam rollers are found in most fitness facilities. Many people use them as a tool in their fitness routines, warm-ups, cool-downs and/or on recovery days.

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