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Down with Resolutions (a.k.a. Choose the Concrete Commitment)

What’s the easiest time of the year to create or recharge health and fitness goals? I’d guess most people would say January. The New Year can feel like a new beginning--and maybe our new beginning. It can elicit the emotion and confidence to initiate change (Notice I said “initiate” change!) because it’s a tangible turning point in the calendar that we absorb as our own. That powerful emotional high buoys the belief that we can achieve desired change! But what happens, then, in February, March, or April? The problem with this particular brand of motivation is this: once the emotional high has dwindled, so does our belief in achieving the goal. It’s unfortunately why “resolutions” to change typically end without accomplishing the goal. That leads us to the million dollar question….”How can we stay motivated throughout the entire year?”  

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Are You Ready To Make A C.O.M.M.I.T.M.E.N.T.?

Another year is coming to a close. It’s a great time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished over the past 12 months and to determine what you’d like to accomplish over the next year. Many people approach the start of each New Year with resolutions to make their lives better by improving their health. People will start a new diet or exercise routine only to allow their new-found healthy habits fall by the wayside within mere days or weeks. We’ve all be the victim of resolutions gone astray. Life gets busy once the New Year picks up and you forget to make time for yourself, yet again. Sound familiar?

Would you like 2013 to be different? I know I would!

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