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Is Collagen Really Worth All the Hype?


You’ve probably gotten wind of the collagen hype, but before you write it off as just another fad, our expert coaches break down what it is, the benefits, where it can go wrong, and how you can add the right type of quality collagen into your eating plan. 

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Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Even though we know we shouldn’t, we've all taken a bite (or two) of raw cookie dough in our lives, right? Here’s a version that that you won’t have to feel guilty about. And it’s just as tasty — and healthy, too. This recipe uses our vanilla Life Time Beef Protein with Collagen Peptides, and the other secret ingredient is beans — which also makes this cookie dough rich in protein, fiber and iron. If you're thinking you might pass because you're not a legume fan, I challenge you to try it. You’ll be surprised that there’s no bean flavor at all — they just add a rich and creamy texture. 

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The Protein You’re Not Eating (But Should)

Consuming enough protein is incredibly important for our health and fitness, and it’s a topic we’ve often written about on this blog. In fact, maybe you’re the person who orders meals with “double protein” so you’re not hungry again in an hour. But for those of my clients who don’t consume enough protein, a funny thing happens when I ask them to eat more. Almost immediately, more chicken breasts, lean ground turkey, egg whites, beef jerky and low-fat deli meats populate their food logs.


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5 Dietitians Weigh-In on Collagen

The Collagen Mocktail

I was curious if everything I'd been hearing about collagen was just hype — or if there really is something special about this popular protein. Here's what our top five dietitians had to say. (Plus, a few of their favorite ways to use it.) 

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