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Are Cheat Meals a Good Idea?

Who wouldn’t want permission to deviate for a day and eat whatever they wanted? Imagine that nothing is off limits; the sky is the limit. Seem too good to be true? It may be time to assess a few areas of your life before taking the plunge.

Cheating anything in life is tricky. While it may leave you with a rush of adrenaline at times, the overarching leftover feelings are typically guilt and disappointment. Thoughts like “Was it worth it?” “What could I have done instead?” and “Short-term gratification wasn’t worth the cheating,” may ensue.

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Indulgence: Friend or Foe for Weight Loss?

Do you allow room for indulgence in your weight loss program, or do you say no in fear it will sabotage your results?

“Treating” ourselves tends to be a hot topic among my clients. There’s often an underlying anxiety about never being able to eat x, y, or z food ever again once they start a healthier eating regime.

One concept I always teach, however, is that behind every long-term success story, there is always a healthy lifestyle that included an indulgence now and then.

Just how do we navigate the road of “progress, not perfection” in this way? How do we give indulgence room in our eating plans without setting us back in our habit change and fat loss? Read on for strategies to help discern how indulgence can best complement our healthy way of life.


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Is a weekly cheat meal a good idea?

One of the first questions people ask when they begin changing their nutrition habits is “When do I get to eat my favorite food again?” It’s as if they’re planning on how to fit junk food into their nutrition plan before they even get started. To satisfy this urge, some weight loss programs call for a free-for-all meal or day each week. But if your goal is long-term health, is this appropriate? Is it necessary? Or can it actually sabotage your plans?

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