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How to Cut Your Carb Intake

Are too many carbs getting in the way of your fat loss?

Although most people know eating too many carbohydrates can negatively impact our health and waistlines, this simple recommendation is one of the hardest behaviors for many to implement on their weight loss journeys.

Perhaps you’re intimidated by this kind of fundamental dietary change. Maybe you’ve tried breaking up with carbs before with minimal to no success?

Whatever the current role of carbs in your diet or your past experience in trying to reduce them, the following tips can help you re-envision a lower carbohydrate lifestyle. Read on to learn simple and effective ways to reduce your carb intake for the long haul!


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6 Ways You Misunderstand Your Metabolism

 Quick—what would you be willing to give up in exchange for a fast metabolism? 

To consume all the ice cream you want and not gain a pound? To have tacos help you fit into your skinny jeans? To get washboard abs from an easy, one-hour treatment? It seems that every time we turn around, another fad diet, infomercial, or weight loss gimmick promises us easy results and a swift metabolic boost. 

The truth is, “metabolism” is a word that encompasses the literally thousands of chemical reactions needed for us to be functioning human beings. It’s incredibly complex—so much so that not even scientists claim to understand every detail. 

Unfortunately, the deafening amount of weight loss quackery out there chronically over-simplifies this process and continually feeds us fantasy “fixes.”

Who’s ready for truth and clarity on the subject? Read on to help sift through the many metabolic myths and to learn what you really can do about your metabolic functioning. 


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Q&A: Will Going Gluten Free Help Me Lose Weight?

Readers write in:

I’ve been hearing a lot about gluten-free diets, recently. Is eating gluten-free a good way to lose weight?

This question reminds me of a trip my wife and I made to our local food co-op, recently. We watched a gentleman pick a box off the shelf and say to his shopping partner, “Look honey, these are gluten-free. I don’t know what that means, but it must be good for me.”

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Consuming Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate consumption is filled with misconceptions and food industry influence. As Americans, we have a strong affinity for highly processed foods, carbohydrate-rich meals and snack foods. Determining the right amount of carbohydrate intake for an individual may be the most challenging part of creating an optimal nutrition plan.

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